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The General's thread - do not respond to other posts!

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The tools for the job are there , all it requires is the right man to use them.

With one stroke the removal of the manager and assistant would lift the fans and the players and the club.

If the above action is not taken we will go down and it will be nothing short of neglect on the grandest scale .

26 games 6 wins , i implore you guys to please do the right thing .

If you dont you will not recieve another penny from myself whilst you are still running the club , i make this statement with a very heavy heart .

Criminal just criminal that this situation is being allowed to carry on.

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General, I asked you when Houllier was appointed if you thought that he could get us up to the top 6 or 7, and you replied that's what you were hoping for this season. Seeing as he has failed spectacularly to achieve this, adding to all his other failures such as capitulating in the FA Cup, could you explain how Houllier continues to be very well rewarded for such abject failure?

If as I expect you can't, could I instead have a highly paid job at Villa, where I'll guarantee to be absolutely hopeless at my job, I'll piss off all the other club employees and for this you only need to pay me a million pounds a year.

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With all due respect why do the board feel they have a better understanding of the situation we are in than us the fans? There are ex players saying we are a mess, these ex players who used to wear the shirt with pride, used to spill blood and bust guts for us to win. They know what it takes. We know what it takes. I'm beginning to think the board have lost any sense of direction. You are flogging a dead horse. We need unity and keeping GH at the helm is and will prevent this.

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We need answers General because this situation could get very nasty, I don't even think DOL was this disliked during the end of his time in charge.

Hopefully one of the players will leak a letter to the press this week, that may spur you lot into action because I'm really starting doubt the board and their ability to make tough decisions.

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The following quote has appeared in several newspapers:

Better news for Houllier came when a senior board member said after the game: ‘Nothing’s changed. We remain committed to the long-term strategy. It’s important we show unity. We don’t see why people would react so extremely and expect anything different. We believe we will stay up. We don’t see how changing things would have any positive impact on the team anyway.’

Please can you find out who this can be attributed to? Will the club be making a formal statement?

Also, the last sentence is the most baffling. Our current form (taken from he last six games) is currently the joint-third worse in the Premier League.

Premier League Form Guide

Surely changing things can't make anything any worse than what it currently is. The form we're on at the moment will get us relegated; especially given the fact that most teams below us in the Premier League are currently above us in the form table.

Making a change now, however, might improve things just enough for us to stay up. It would certainly lift the negative vibe which is currently surrounding the club and hopefully get eveyone pulling in the same direction again.

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If as stated the quotes in numerous national and local newspapers today have come from a senior board member why have they not put their name to it?

Can you please either endorse this statement or rubbish it as I and many others find it very concerning.


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Dear General

Like in any walk of life, there are two sides to every argument. It is clear that a sizeable portion of the fan base are now bitterly opposed to GH. For myself, I happen to think his football philosophy is sound but he has made a bad fist of playing to the strengths of the existing squad, hence our predicament. I also think that making any changes before the season's end would be a disaster. We've made a our bed, so to speak. If Mr H comes through this, I sincerely hope he surprises us all next season.

Anyway, I would like to ask that you personally seek to ensure that no-one at the club, publically or via "sources at Villa Park", tries to spin things against those fans who are opposed to GH. Again and again, little comments come out from people at the club about the fans "backing the team". They do and they have and they have every right to react as they did at the end of the game on Saturday. They are not being disloyal by setting their faces against this manager and I think the club need to acknowledge this publically, otherwise the Public Relations situation is going to deteriorate further. We are in dangerous territory, because the club needs our cash more than ever (and even more so if we go down) but many have had enough and are concerned that they are being labelled as "disloyal" because of the way they have expressed their views.

Regardless who is right and who is wrong, the fact is I have not heard Villa Park turn on a manager like that for a VERY long time.

Many thanks.

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General, it has been reported that at the end of the season Chelsea will assess Ancelotti's performance this season and maybe just maybe he will be fired if they don't win the league, we haven't got until the end of the season but please assess Houllier's pperformance NOW otherwise WE WILL BE RELEGATED

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*****PLEASE READ*****

Dear General, I won't post my opinions, just facts.


Gerard Houllier currently has a win percentage of 24% in the Premier League. We have 8 games left meaning a total of 24 points are up for grabs.

If you put those 24 points into our win percentage then you get an extra 5.76 points from the available 24.

33 points + 5.76 points = 39 points

How can you stand by a man that with his current record proves that if you stick with him then he will not pass the golden level of the required 40 points. It is a fact, if Houllier stays then his record proves we are playing Championship football next season. Will he stay with us then? Will Bent? Makoun? Ashley Young? Albrighton? Agbonlahor? Downing? Walker?

39 points are expected now from his current record. That is not enough to survive! HOULLIER OUT!!!

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General, just so you know, we're not all against the manager, some of us see that he has had alot to deal with in his very short time here. I and many others fully support him and the board and believe that next season we will once again be back to our best and surpass recent achievments.

Up the Villa!

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Stand by Houllier, and it will be a Randy out banner next to Houlliers if we are relegated.

Trust me when i say this, but as long as this goes on then you will take the blame for relegation as much as Napoleon is, after all, hes only acting on Randies wishes.

Personally, im beginning to doubt everything the club says at the moment. I mean, if everything is on the level, why employ a PR department to feed us with useless PR spin?


Sorry, but my support for the board is starting to wane :twisted:

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General come on, enough is enough now surely.

Forget fan to board member, forget "oh the media are watching I have to be careful" ( I mean as if you didn't expect that to be the case anyway four years ago when you first started posting on these sites, you are not that naive that much is clear - lets face it knowing the press was viewing was actually advantageous to the club wasn't it in a "we're doig something others aren't" type of way).

Man to man, fan to fan, you have to admit enough is enough.

Just look what is happening to the club and the fan base here, look what Houllier has done since he has been here;

1. Talked the club down

2. Disrespected the club and its fans -Liverpool being the prime example

3. Demotivated many players (we now have several players labelled as "troublemakers" were they trouble makers last year?)

4. Got an appalling set of results that now see us on the verge of relegation -whatever your long term ambitions for the club , and I have doubted them in the past even I believe that relegation was not in the list of goals

5. Turned fan against fan - just look at the divided fan base we now have

6. Turned fans against club - the reaction on Saturday has to really worry you and everyone else at the club and we now see fans talking about not attending games, not renewing season tickets, starting protests (I thought we had done with protests once Doug had left)

7. Turned fans against the board - some of the comments just appearing from fans about the board make my comments from some time ago look like words of recommendation. It may well be not just Houllier the fans demonstrate against if he is retained in post.

8. Turned us into a joke amongst our peers - taking us backwards spectaculalry

9. Putting at risk future growth - I doubt we need a new stand in the championship or for the reduced crowd we'll get should he stay

10. Affecting the investment made by Randy - I mean this club needs a total rebuild of the playing staff now. Where once we could tinker we basically have to now start all over again (whatever division we are in) that isn't going to come cheap for Randy

11. Turned player against player

12. Turned fans against players

I could go on and on but surely you recognise all these things

Look, come on he has to be shown the door. He has done great damage to our club, the support, our reputation and also to Randy already. You have to realise that he has to go to ensure that damage is not beyond repair. Much longer here and and I fear for our future.

So come on get Randy to admit the mistake, we wont look bad on him for that, in fact I think his reputation will be enhanced.

No one can knock you or Randy at this point for not giving Houllier a chance, he has had time he has had huge amounts of money but it just isn't working. What people will knock you for is persisting with a failure despite all reasonable evidence to the contrary.#

Come on as man to man, fan to fan enough is enough.

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