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Film Of The Year 2010


Best Movie Of 2010  

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  1. 1. Best Movie Of 2010

    • Four Lions
    • Shutter Island
    • Kick Ass
    • Inception
    • The Social Network
    • The Secret In Their Eyes

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havent seen secret in their eyes, really didnt like kick ass, shutter island wasnt as good as the book (and they made the smallest change at the end and it changed it completely) social network was very good four lions was the funniest film ive seen i years

but nothing comes close to how much i enjoyed inception

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On that list I think it's Inception for me but I don't rate it now as such a great movie (still very good mind).

Four Lions is the best comedy I've seen in years but I don't think it's quite best of the year stuff.

Shutter Island was fun hokum but I'm surprised how much love it got, it isn't that good. It's a B-Movie with a budget. the twist you can see coming before the film even starts.

Kick Ass is great but again, not film of the year stuff. I enjoyed it a helluva lot though.

Social Network is good, bummed far too much by the critics and for me anyway, was actually somewhat spoiled by how unlikable it's subject matter is - Zuckerberg is a vile character with few redeeming features at all. It's well made though.

Not seen the Secret in Their Eyes.

It's basically Inception by default for me. It falls down when you start to look closer at it, its wow factor diminishes rapidly once you try to analyse it or make a deeper sense of it. It reveals it's flaws more readily - far to much exposition, occasionally quite boring, etc, but it remains a good film.

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Disappointed that Eat Pray Love is omitted from another best of poll.

Inception didn't do it for me so I'd have to vote for The Social Network. I have never joined Facebook so I don't think it's relevant to liking the film.

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I didn't bother with toy story 3. Everyone raved about 2 like they did this one, and that was just ok.

However, Inception was excellent. Four Lions and Kick Ass each had one of my favourite moments of the year, but voted for Kick Ass because it was the most fun.

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Disappointed that Eat Pray Love is omitted from another best of poll.

I thought it was most sycophantic rubbish I have ever seen. I hate films where Americans 'discover' themselves,. Complete stereotypical bullshit.

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Shutter Island/Secret In Their Eyes/Toy Story 3 all had the same number of votes, so they drew 5th, so I added them to the poll options, pressed enter and Toy Story 3 vanished.

No idea why mind.

Far be it from me to suggest you might have gotten something wrong, but

You didn't click add option after you entered it in the box. You went straight to submit. You have to click 'add option' after you type in every option.

I was that soldier. BOF spared my blushes at the time. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam dílis

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