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Will You Renew Your Season Ticket If GH Is Still In Charge?


Will you renew if GH is here for '11/'12 ?  

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  1. 1. Will you renew if GH is here for '11/'12 ?

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Sky Sports messing around with start times will always put me off. I can attend all midweek games and the Saturday games but Sunday's are out. I would like, and can afford a season ticket for me and my son, who's 12, would be his first ST, but we'll have to be selective, thanks to Sky.

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Similar to Blandy and Bickster, must be something to do with the NW of England.

I'm in the NW too and have a ST. I can't make midweek games, which is a bit of a pain. The more weekend games the better. Especially Saturday as that is the best day for travelling down from Liverpool.

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I Have no axe to Grind with Gerard Houllier, I think he is a knowledgebale football man.

I am also saddened by his ill health, which I think is a draw back and coming in to a new job like Aston Villa, which requires much Nous but also much energy.....I think he is too old for the role as First team Manager. I think the dream we should be looking to build will take longer than he's got.

I believe we need a new man who is young and gifted and is looking to stake his claim, some where to "lay his hat" and build on his vision.

PS Not renewing until I see something tangible that i can believe in( i.e manager).... I believed in Ron Saunders, but its been basically downhill since, with the odd exception.

pps ....don't want other teams has beens.... building the right future won't happen under them.

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Well, I renewed today, hoping that we'll have a new gaffer installed by the end of the week.

Would have anyway though

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