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Will You Renew Your Season Ticket If GH Is Still In Charge?


Will you renew if GH is here for '11/'12 ?  

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  1. 1. Will you renew if GH is here for '11/'12 ?

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    • No
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I would renew even if we got relegated with chris houghton!

But i will NOT renew if we manage to stay up with Empty Head!

Infact i would rather set my own hair on fire and put it out with a sledge hammer!

Please do, preferably soon


Its all about morals for me. If you have been shit on and your still around then good for you.

So the Moral 'Don't go because you don't like the manager' is ahead of 'supporting the club through thick and thin'....interesting.

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Given the dross we are being treated to at the moment a rational answer would be no. But I know I will whatever I say. Two tickets in M5 basically cost a grand at today's prices so it's an expensive addiction but I will keep going as you follow the team through highs and lows. Houllier is temporary as is form but support is permanent.

And no I am not a fat boy who needs two seats, I get two as my son or one of my mates has the other. Just for the avoidance of doubt!

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I'll renew because I support Aston Villa FC. What league we ever find ourselves in wont change that. It hasn't in the past and it wont in the future.

As someone said yesterday, it seems some people have forgotten what supporting your club means.

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Looks like people are voting with their feet already.
To be honest mate IMO and from others i have spoken to that if he is still here next season we will be lucky to get over 10k season ticket holders!..

That'll show once and for all that those claiming we aren't a big club and that we have fickle fans were right all along.

Though i'm pretty sure a lot of us have accepted that fact long since.

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I genuinly dont understand the thinking behind people who will give up their love for a club because of one man whos been there for less time than Stephen Ireland.

Football is a weekend ritual for me, and im certaintly not going to let one man take that away from me.

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Yup, undoubtedly.

I dont support the manager, or the players, but I do support Aston Villa. This will remain the case even if we're playing in the championship next year with Ken Dodd in charge.

My point exactly mate but not if GH is in charge. This will be the only way that randy will do something about it when the gates fall.

Look at liverpools gates the last few games, Almost 10k off average. all the singing on the kop did not work but the staying away did, poor results and low gates and finally the owners acted!

Only 32k for us last home game and that was with £12.50 tickets.

Hopefully the penny will drop with randy soon before the pound dose!

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