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How Not To Live Your Life (TV Program)


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There are some very funny moments in it, like the short scenes where he has "5 ways to appropriately arrive late" and "5 bad times to answer with 'mm, sorry'" :D

And I agree Gillett, she's certainly a looker.

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Are the first two series worth getting

Definitely. The first 2 series aren't that much different from the third, in truth. Don picks as a housemate the girl he's desperately in love with, so the whole series is him trying to a) impress her and B) break up her and her boyfriend. The episode where he joins her helping kids do Duke of Edinburgh Award (and ends up taking them all to the pub) is comedy gold.

The third series does have the better minor characters though. Series 1 is very much all about Don, Abby and Eddie.

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