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Fan at the Ruskin Hall before the game


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Does anyone know what happened to the middle-aged Villa fan who appeared to have a fit by the burger van outside the Ruskin Hall before the game?

I can honestly say it was the worst thing i've ever witnessed first-hand. The poor guy froze up, was helped to the ground by what I'm guessing was a friend or family member, before having a fit on the car park floor. Luckily a guy turned him on his side before blood started coming out of his mouth, but he literally turned blue and looked in a really bad way.

It definitely put a perspective on the pre-match build-up I tell you that. It was the worst thing I've ever seen, felt physically sick afterwards. If anyone knows whether the guy is okay then please let me know - there were about 10-20 other people that saw it happen at a guess.

Fingers crossed for the guy.

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Is the Ruskin hall the one just off the Aston Express way where they basically have 2 car parks and you usually get told where to park by an old Irish fella with an odd looking eye?

If so I did see a lot of commotion going on immediately before the game but just put it down to pre match banter without realising something was up.

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