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Ratings & Reactions Wolves 1-2 Villa


Who was your man of te match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of te match?

    • Friedel
    • L Young
    • Warnock
    • Cuéllar
    • Collins
    • Downing
    • A Young
    • Albrighton
    • Petrov
    • Reo-Coker
    • Heskey
    • Agbonlahor (for Albrighton 66)
    • Sidwell (for Petrov 86)

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a terrific win...particularly because for all of the 2nd half we played a rabbit in headlights

Houllier is learning about us all the time and weve managed to pick up 2 wins in the process...

hopefully he is learning that....

1. when we dont have the ball, we shit ourselves and invite even turd teams like wolves to relentlessly attack us.

2. gabby is not a winger

3. albrighton and warnock need to go back to tackling school

4. for the 30 mins that we do actually keep posession of the ball we are better passing it on the ground than playing hoof ball

5. our footballing mentality needs a serious shake up

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Friedel - 7. I dont kno whether he should have done better with the goal, but 2 good saves.

Young L - 7. Did well.

Warnock - 6. Still the weak link in our team. Should have been sent off, but brought some points back with the great cross.

Cueller - 9. Great defending.

Collins - 8.5. See above, but Cueller edged it.

Downing - 7. Great goal but an up and down(ing) performance.

Petrov - 6. Pretty much anonymous for the last 60 mins, was happy when he was subbed, not because he's shit, but because our new manager spotted something in 80 mins our previous manger failed to spot in 3 years.

NRC - 8. Liked his running, was doing most of it himself in the second half.

Albrighton - 7. 9 for a great first half and 5 for a poor second. Glad to see Houllier take him off though, again the right decision.

Young - 8. Great outlet, and always our chief threat.

Heskey - 8. Involved in the first goal, scored the second great stuff.

Houllier - 10 MOTM. I think im one of the few people who have said that giving Houllier the job didn't inspire me with great confidence. But he's been here a week, and in that time, he's picked the right team made the right decisions and made the right changes at the right time to great effect. Great start.

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I personally don't think away from home we can afford to have Downing, Albrighton and Young as the supporting cast for Pertov and Re-Coker.

I personally think Sidwell, Ireland or Downing should play in a centre three with Reo and Stan when away from home.

I do agree, I think it's just a bit too lightweight and too 'explosive' in a game where we need to control a bit more.

Yes there are spells where Reo and Stan lose the grip of the game and also with just two of them there they have to work non stop the whole game. I think when Ireland is fit and in form he'll be a welcome addition to the midfield.

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Good first half perfromance after early pressure. A dodgy second half where we didn't get a grip of the game. a lot of chasing without much possession.

Great to see Downing finally run at the defense and put them on the back foot to help set up the second goal. That's what I remember as his best days at Boro.

Great win as results have shown throughout the Premier league this season they aren't going to be too many easy games for any team except maybe Chelsea. Ground out three points, excellent.

Friedel 8

Young 8

Warnock 6.5 (Only got that for his cross for second goal)

Cueller 9

Collins 8

Albrighton 7.5

NRC 7.5

Petrov 7

Downing 7.5

Young 8.5

Heskey 8.5

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Doyle is also a diving whinging clearing in the woods

Doyle is one of my footballing hero's. Leave it out.

Mine too actually.

Of all the Dingle's I thought Doyle was their best player today and a very honest performance. One nasty foul on Ash Young but he didn't protest his innocence or anything. Just a case of "yeah, i got frustrated and did him". Never appealed for a corner or throw in that he knew he didn't deserve, didn't berate the referee. An honest, tough centre forward. Would love to see him in our team.

Also no player in the history of the game works harder than he does when he pulls on the Irish Jersey. The boy love playing for his country, and we love him.

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very very good that with Milner gone the 2 players who most needed to step up their game, Young and Downing, have done exactly that and are getting more goals also.

Ive been as frustrated as the rest of you with Heskey at times. I feel he gets a hard time though when it isnt warranted and he looks like he can do a good job for us for a while yet.

He is light years ahead of Carew at the moment in terms of work rate, fitness, and unbelievably also goal theat. Carew will be gone by the summer, and i although i will be gratefull for his goals and his service to us, he is so obviously shot these days i wont miss him at all.

Bit of tweaking in midfield and some re-inforcements up front and we will still be a damn good team.

Warnock worrys me though, i think he has looked very shaky defensively since mid way point of last season. Good cross today for the goal, but the current weak spot in our back 4.

So happy to see Cuellar at CB, for me he is one of our best 2 x centre backs.

Finally we can put the crap of the last few months behind us and start being optimistic again!!

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I think Petrov's days in the Villa midfield are numbered.

He was subbed off today in a like for like with Sidwell to give the midfield more energy, and throughout the whole second half that's what we were lacking.

Great result, but not a deserved one. Second half was all Wolves and we really couldn't keep the ball at all. Houllier has alot of work to do, but if he can keep on getting wins like that whilst still building up his team then we'll do very well.

Next games are Spurs away and Chelsea at home, so that was a very very valuable 3 points.

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