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Fabian Delph


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Only MEN reporting it - all the others quoting them as I understand

And they have run their story purely based on that twitter picture :(


Do you know that for a fact or just guesswork?


You tell me!!





Wake me up when the world has stopped going mad, they have the quoted picture from the twatter on twitter page...look what else this guy said after this pictur e:-


  1. Paul Gascoigne has turned up with a fishing rod, beer and KFC saying he is a mate of Delphs, more to follow #maxITK

    1 retweet3 favourites

    Messi has just also turned up riding a unicorn ill keep you updated

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If fake pic that MEN Reporter should be sacked


But think of the extra revenue that piece has generated for the paper through advertising. He won't get sacked, he will probably get a bonus 



Online world, any click bait story about anything drives revenue in convenient advertising revenue....just look how heavily these pages are filled with advertisments...I want to pull my eyes out.

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Well you couldn't make it up could you.


Actually speechless with this club if this is true. That pic looks different from the tweet as the one in the tweet has no hair.

This would be out of the clubs hands and solely up to Delph.

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