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I hope he doesn't get complacent, he still needs to improve his game IMO.



No chance of that happening in my opinion.



Which bit, getting complacent or improving his game?!



I don't expect him to get complacent and given that I would expect him to still improve as a player given he hasn't yet reached what is considered a players peak years.

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Must have been given some assurances about the direction of the club surely?

I would agree, but we've been fed this year after year for 3 or 4 years now.

So true.

When benteke signed I thought it was because he'd been told Lerner was about to invest properly in the club again. But nothing

I'd like to think he has some idea but its just blind hope we won't be stuck with a Lerner/Lambert combo for next season.

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Of course when they're trying to get him to sign a new contract they're going to tell him good things to tempt him. But they wouldn't tell him about a takeover unless it was ready to be announced to the public, because as soon as players and agents know then I imagine it isn't long before the media do. Although the idea of a possible takeover perhaps played into Delph's thinking.

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Well what can I say? The talk of the future, lifting the team and the fans, the journey and the commitment. What a guy!

Why go anywhere? Here he has first team football and aye, I'd bet my right one that he's been promised the captaincy, and rightfully so. When he focuses, he's a great player and he's been offered the chance to lead a Premier League team up the table. Of course there's probably a relegation clause, but who cares? I'm pleased.

I think we have Mr. Fox to thank for mostly. Good bit of Villa business.

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I don't see why he can't be captain now. Vlaar and Gabby are not even dead certs for the team sheet; Vlaar has missed too many games with injury and Gabby's form is in question, and his captaincy abilities even more so. Delph seems to carry a lot of gravitas with the team, I would be surprised if he's not one of the most respected players in the dressing room, and reads the game better than the other captaincy candidates, barring maybe Clark (who again isn't necessarily first name on the team sheet). 


Captain next season for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him take the armband for the rest of this season.

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Epic, epic quotes about the club from Fabian. It's great to hear a player speak so positively about the club and you know what, I actually believe him.

Although he's a player I highly rate, he frustrates me in equal measure.

He's clearly talented enough to be an England regular but he still needs to improve his decision making and concentration.

I guess that's why he's still at Villa.

I would like to see him kick on and become a leader in the team and force this talented squad to get better results. Hopefully there is room for improvement with Okore, Delph and Benteke as the spine of the team.

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Fabian Delph: Aston Villa team-mates were shocked when I signed deal
‘As soon as I told some of them they looked at me shocked to start with’
Fabian Delph’s new four-and-a-half-year contract ties him to Aston Villa until 2019. Photograph: Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Press Association


Monday 26 January 2015 15.42 GMT

Fabian Delph has admitted his Aston Villa team-mates were shocked to learn he had signed a new deal. The England midfielder has agreed a four-and-a-half year contract, which lasts until 2019. He was out of contract in the summer and had been linked with a move away from the Premier League strugglers, who have battled relegation for the last three years.

Paul Lambert called it a coup for Aston Villa and Delph revealed even the squad was surprised. “The lads are absolutely delighted. As soon as I told some of them they looked at me shocked to start with,” he said.

“They see a lot in me and how dedicated I am and how I want to push on. They’re delighted to keep someone like me here. I see them as family, brothers, I’d run through a brick wall for them. They’re not just team-mates.”

The Villa chief executive, Tom Fox, played a key role in convincing the 25-year-old to stay. “We are so pleased to keep one of our best young players. It says a lot about him too and his faith,” Fox said.

“This club is on a journey and it’s my job to talk to as many people and convince them it’s not where we are. Fabian and I have had many conversations. There were a lot of interested clubs. We’ve got a top young player here. The top five clubs are in a much better place financially.”



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Fantastic marketing, probably had input from fox. He has obviously been paid what he wants, 55-60k ive heard. Remember guys, alot of its about the agent too and if Liverpool were knocking offering more money, he would be there.


Don't let the Villa marketing tool blind you, its happend far to many times before to us.

Delph's more than played his part though and I respect him for this.

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I haven't seen it as negative.

There's just no way on this planet that Delph has sat for this long without signing a new contract, if the reasons are 100% true. No way.

Time to think about it? Massive decision.

Well that's my point: his reasons suggest he had nothing to think about. He was always staying as he puts it.

I think it's great news, potentially amazing news but I'm not falling for the 'loyalty' nonsense, otherwise this would have been sorted months ago. It's ok, saying that he waited for the best deal for himself, but loyalty isn't about draining every ounce of cash you can out of the club. Also, true loyalty wouldn't involve such a sudden dip in form/effort as we've seen over the last couple of months.

I read today that the players are shocked by the news. That would indicate that perhaps there is no clear cut developments on the horizon.

Good player, one of our best, but itl take a lot more than this to reverse the last couple of months, because he's been poor. That seems to have been forgotten.

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I suppose. But that's not why I said it.

I just find it strange (not in a bad way) that he has a relationship that casual with the chairman

I think some people will be surprised to learn that Randy actually gives a **** about anything but his bank balance at this stage.

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