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Most dis-liked teams in prem?


most hated team in prem? (bar bloose)  

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  1. 1. most hated team in prem? (bar bloose)

    • other
    • man city
    • everton
    • liverpool
    • man u

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im just wondering which teams people dont like? bloose #1 obvisously.


1. bloose

2. everton

3. liverpool

4. man u

i live in north-west so im constantly surrounded by everton, liverpool & man u fans, hence the dis-liking of then.

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I can't believe SPurs isn't on the list.

I hate SPurs more than anyone. I think i might hate them more than Blues 9although that would change if blues ever became not shit)

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sha top of the list, of course






Then it's pretty much equal. I get the feeling sometimes that I hate most of the other teams anyway.

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Apart from Afrouan Foulaini, I've no problem with Everton. You won't find a dirtier Belgian outside of a Hercule Poirot sex-tape.

In order of "want to **** off and die the most"...

1. Citeh

2. Liverplop

3. Spuds

4. Manure

5. SHA

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1. Liverpool

2. Man City

3. Newcastle

Special mention to Wolves, i live in and around them and they are all so cocky, I know one that thinks Matt Jarvis should play for England

Have to say Liverpool, but i agree with your Wolves statement. I work with quite a few and the one reckons Karl Henry should be Englands holding midfielder. He wanted Mick Mccarthy out halfway through last season but now he is the best thing since sliced bread.

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Excluding Birmingham:

1: Everton - admire the team and manager but their bitter and twisted fans remind me of physcotic women (I hope they all get Syphilis).

2: Man Ure - being from Liverpool has created a natural hatred for Mancunians. Wes Browns red hair always confused me aswell.

3: Spurs - The fans think they're amazing and have been forever.....they haven't.

4: Man City - recent events

5: Chelsea - can't stand a lot of their players.

Because I hate Everton fans so much it did have the adverse effect of being neutral on Liverpool. Having a family full of Liverpool fans also means I don't begrudge them some happiness.

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Redsh*te :)

Oh and you want me to get Syphillis? Nice... :|

A lot of my good friends are included in that statement so I wouldn't take offense. To be honest, your Evertonian contribution to this website is probably much more valued than mine is and you don't appear to be a bitter Evertonian.

Having evaluated this, syphilis seems a bit far. Chlamydia it is :winkold:

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