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Confirmed: Houllier is the new Villa manager

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True but at Lyon they had results such as an 8-1 win on the last day of the season.

I think Gareth Southgate managed something similar at Middlesbrough too!

True but he won **** all if you want to be pedantic. Was just pointing out that Houlliers Lyon played attractive football, scoring lots of goals. Queue French league comments zzzzzz

Ah C'mon, Southgate is what 40? Houllier 63, can people stop with the won stuff crap. Mourinho had won nothing when he took over Porto does that make him a shit manager? No, they earn their stripes and then hopefully get the chance to manage a team with chances of winning something.

Fair comment but like some else threatened, i'll eat my own cock if Southgate wins as much as Houllier by the time he's 63.

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