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Confirmed: Houllier is the new Villa manager

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Daily Star says Randy Lerner wants David Moyes.


Oh yeah right.........I wish!!

Actually I think there's some truth in this.

I think Randy Lerner does want Moyes as our manager.

But so do a lot of clubs. Including Everton. So it'll never happen.

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Steve McLaren anyone?

(This is a serious suggestion from someone who is now fixing a tin hat to his crust.)

Has just joined Wolfsburg. Can't see him moving now, nor Villa paying the compensation that would be required.

:oops: Oh, and there was me thinking he was still at Twente. Would rather rob Wolfsberg for SM than Fulham for MH, anyway.

I forgot he'd gone to Wolfsburg too. Wouldn't be a bad shout otherwise IMO. I'd prefer him too Bradley, Allerdyce and Curbishley, but prefer:

1. Jol

2. Moyes

3. Eriksson

4. Klinsman

I don't really want anyone other than these.

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I really dont know, its the worst possible time to bring in a manager, O'Neill has really left us in the shit. To be honest if we make a good start, i would probably keep MacDonald for a few months.

Bradley would be an awful choice (and its not because he's American, but that's why he's favourite) Moyes wouldn't come or be allowed to talk to us, Jol im not convinced and Sven in years past his best.

Im at a loss.

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The ESPN commentator in the USA v Brazil game (John Harkes, I think) says that he spoke with Brad Friedel on the phone today. Bob Bradley's name wasn't being mentioned...

... looking in Italy and Germany, apparently.

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