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Should a wage cap be brought into Prem Or World Wide?


Should a wage cap be brought in?  

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  1. 1. Should a wage cap be brought in?

    • Yes (prem)
    • Yes (World Wide)
    • No
    • Unsure

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It'll never happen which is unfortunate. The US sports have it bang on with the way they're run (except baseball) and that's why their sports are far, far more competitive than football.

A few have mentioned that the limited wages will just mean bigger signing bonuses, which was also a problem in the NFL with their cap, but they worked a way around it. Signing bonuses are 'guaranteed money' so let's say a player signs for wages of £1m per year, for 5 years, but also has a £5m signing bonus, the signing bonus is then spread out over the lnegth of the contract. So he'd count as £2m against the teams cap per year, £1m for wages and £1m for the bonus. (I'm sure Levi will point it out if I'm wrong..)

Football will just destroy itself the way it's going, something really needs to change. But it has to be Worldwide thing like others have said, if it only changes here, the payers will just go elsewhere.

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