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Jack Grealish


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18 minutes ago, villalad21 said:



14 minutes ago, villalad21 said:

Got a feeling we have to deliver on the pitch now to meet whatever promises they sold to him.

I said before the season 17th would be a success. After this deal we may need to demand more.

This is so blindingly obvious it really doesn't need saying, but then piercingly original insights aren't for everyone, especially if those types of people are known for their intransigence.

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32 minutes ago, R.Bear said:

Jack's status as the greatest Villa player in the modern era is all but set in stone now for me.

Yeah there have been more talented players or ones that have achieved more but the fact he stayed with us during one of the clubs darkest ever eras, got us promoted, stopped us from getting relegated and still hasnt left means he's right at the top of the pile.

One of the very few positives of the the last 10 years.

I'm not actually sure that is true anymore.

I watched the Crystal Palace game again last night and even in games where he was apparently "not playing well" looking at it afresh he was still absolutely sublime.

I think he's going to have a massive season next year and elevate himself to genuine world class status - then we're going to have to worry about Barcelona Madrid and PSG, not just if United want him. 

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8 minutes ago, Stevo985 said:

Didn't think it would happen. And fair play to those of you who were so adamant he would stay.

Best signing of the Summer

I think after the first week at the end of the season it didn’t seem like a deal that suited any club. Pep called him “exceptional” but too expensive in the winter, United were probably only ever interested if we got relegated because they didn’t want to pay fair value, Liverpool don’t need him, Arsenal never seemed an option, He’s not a Mourinho player and Chelsea have 17 £80m CM/AM hybrids already.



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3 minutes ago, TheStagMan said:

Well, he has f**ked up his "dream move" to Man United now hasn't he!!!!

His dad is going to have to hand over that Million quid back to Man United now, he must be furious with him. 

Not to mention a few Manchester Estate Agents, think of the commission they've lost after all those showings!

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