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X-Box Live Gamer Tags

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Just came up with the idea of this thread.

How about people put their gamertags and what games they own here and maybe we can sort out some VT games and maybe a VT tournament if we have enough players.

Current GamerTags: (Villtalk name in brackets if different to Gamertag)

iSu Absolution (villafan306)

iSu Chuck N0rris(mansonAVFC)

Marc Xavier (maxjackle)

Nayson (The Rev)

Justice UK (jimbojustice)

N3L0 (The Suffering Villa)

Spiggy the kat (KFRenar)

Legendary 10



Renshaw AVFC (danrenshaw)

Tim Bsc (kiddybloke)


ThomEllis84 (TomIsADeftone)

RandomNudeDude (Dante_Lockhart)

eromennif (trinitytalk)

Victie (Victie 1)

diablos1983 (vivi2k)

holteend (Ferris)

Jirvinator (jamesi)

SilverSignUK (OnelinedrawingUK)

Luca Brasi Jnr (carlitobrigante)

BIG ROB AVFC (robeynon)

Jas1986 (Jas)

GoM BigDaddy (bromsgrove_avfc)

ToastBasedKilla (DreadPirateRoberts)

andy pablo (pablopicasso)

dandan72 (dh1988)

Hac2007 (Hac2002)

StevieB75 (BMAN)



avfc182 (Nath182)

Elmoellie (konsoul)

King Gh1d0rah (lexicon)

villalad77 (CastleBromVilla)

DarkStillWater (TmyBwyTrinityRd)

gnrkidnick (villaboynick)


damo AvFc (damothaking)

Hycus (hycus-flange)


shellshock007 (Villarevolution2007)

Magistrate_Elan (AshVilla)

cyrilthewasp (Mike 273)

shanevillan (sephrioth)

VerdeFox (walka)

Dr Buzzsaw 13 (LT_1993)

trimmyavfc (timandson)

PNurse (MMfy)

h3lx (P3te)

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Its a massively multiplayer online RPG, but its fantastic. I guess its more like GTA than anything else, but its about 50 times the size of San Andreas (maybe bigger!) and pretty much everyone you meet is another person, not the computer.

You can do whatever you want on it. There is everything from just sitting around all day fishing, to truly epic 80 man deathmatches. Deep down its a fighting game, but there are so many distractions you can just spend hours doing nothing, but having great fun.

It really is the best game ever. Myself, TRL, Bicks, D1, Risso, ED, Juju, Limpid (and some others. whose names ive probably left out!) all play it. We have had some really fantastic nights on it. There is a video review of it here (best viewed in Interet Explorer)

All im saying is if you have a PC, and you like games, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Its that good. Note the reviewer has played the game on a PvE server. PvE servers are for poofs and girls. :twisted:

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oh my god is this game where you can create your own gangs and you can go fight other people? i remember this guy telling me about this game where you fight other people and he said you can play against others. he said its the most addictive game ever. i wanted to know what it was called.

where can you buy it from i think i gotta check this out. sounds bloody brilliant.

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You can pick it up from anywhere that sells games. Its very popular. I got mine in ePlay in the bullring for about £28, i think.

If you pick it up, come on the same server as we are (Deathwing server) and be on the same side as us (Horde) and you will have a shitload of Villa fans who will be happy to show you the ropes. :)

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My tag is N3L0 <- thats a zero on the end, I only have Table Tennis and Oblivion so far.

btw: this thread should be a sticky, renamed xbox live tags and villafan should update his first post to include all the tags people add. Just a suggestion ;)

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My gamertag is Legendary 10

I play Call of Duty 2, Ridge Racer 6, PGR 3, Halo 2, PES 5, Madden NFL 2006, NHL 2K6, Top Spin 2, Amped 2, Hitmans Contract, Tomb Raider Legend, Obvious, Rock Star Presents Table Tennis, Fight Night Round 3, Dead or Live Ultimate and Football Manager 2006.

(all on XBOX 360 apart from PES 5 and Halo 2)

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I've just ordered Xbox live off Amazon as it's cheaper.

How does Football Manager work on live? As on the PC you need IP address etc. Is it alot easier to join a game on the 360?

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My games (by November 10th) will be: Madden07, PES6, Ghost Recon and Smackdown vs Raw 2007. WQill have Gears of War sometime in December.

I'll send you a friend request, been looking for some non Americans to play Madden against 8)

Trouble is you won't get a chance to play...you will be too busy trying to keep the score at a reputable level.

Accepted the request btw.

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