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How long do you spend on VT? (Rough costs now on page 3)


How long do you spend on VT each week?  

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  1. 1. How long do you spend on VT each week?

    • Less than an hour (and I donate)
    • Less than an hour (and I don't donate)
    • 1-3 hours (and I donate)
    • 1-3 hours (and I don't donate)
    • 4-6 hours (and I donate)
    • 4-6 hours (and I don't donate)
    • 7-9 hours (and I donate)
    • 7-9 hours (and I don't donate)
    • 10 or more hours (and I donate)
    • 10 or more hours (and I don't donate)

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By that I mean reading and posting rather than just having it in the background.

Just wondered as I was thinking about how much this sits costs to run and how many hours all of us (including myself) spend on this site without really thinking of the cost of it. For those who don't donate is there anything else you do for that amount of time that you don't pay for? You pay for TV through tv licence, you pay for use of the internet through your internet service provider but none of that goes to the servers that Villatalk users.

Just thought it was worth thinking about. Do people actually ever think about how much this site costs to run? I can't say I do that often, but perhaps we should a bit more often. While the site is free to use. Which I think we all appreciate, it's not free to host and run. I'm sure Simon (Limpid) would appreciate a bit more help anyway. Or at least the occasional click on the video on the left.

This isn't about being a better fan, or a more valued user. I'm just interested to see.

edit: 4th option should say "don't donate"

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Was spending bout 3 hours a week on it back in Scotland, down to about 1 hour here in Spain. Too freaking sunny outside to be sat on the laptop for long. And I dont donate but I do click on they links every now and then.

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Well I'm guessing I spend about 10 hours, I spend surely an hour and half a day reading, posting etc....I don't donate.

I also don't pay for TV Lisence simply because I'm 17, student, live at home and have next to no money (current balance is £34)

Once I actually have some money, I will donate.

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I don't count. How much does it cost to leave a server on anyway?

I pay for my internet access via my phone and laptop so don't feel obliged to donate

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If Limpid gets money from us clicking on the links on the left.. well.. click the f*ckers people!

Only the video I believe (you have to watch it to the end for it to count).

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Another for too long.

ED - I'm not techie enough to know costs regarding the servers, disk space, bandwidth, service provision,etc. But I know that simply leaving servers on is costly enough without all the other requirements for keeping the site running. And to think it simply leaving servers on is either naive or pfe.

Paddy - you're right for the little income generated the video needs to be watched to the end.

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Far, far too long.

Probably 3-4 hours or so per day, net, so 21 hours a week, i'd guess (slightly less at weekends). I have an "easy" job at work, which allows much internet time :mrgreen:

As such, i do feel obliged to donate, so I do. I am not minted, but can spare a small donation each year.

It is more than worth it, too. I guess you have to ask yourself how much you value VillaTalk, and how much you'd miss it if it were gone.

OK, if VT didn't exist my world would't implode, but I do value this site to such an extent that a yearly donation is more than warranted.

I do not believe Simon makes any money at all from running VT. I actaully believe he makes a loss on it, although don't have any actaul figures.

So, let's keep VT alive and well people, and get clicking those ads and vids, or get donating. :nod: :cheers:

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Paddy, are you a fundraiser for VT? :lol:

why not? Someone needs to be. This place doesn't run on fresh air, and gets by on the good will of Simon (limpid) and a handful of donations and clicks.

It'd be nice if that hand grew from the size of a small infant to Big daddy proportions though. :mrgreen:

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