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WC 2010: Group F Chat (Italy etc)


Who will top the group?  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will top the group?

    • Italy
    • Paraguay
    • New Zealand
    • Slovakia

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[table color=#D9E2EC:3d047e7163]

[mrow color=#8c333c:3d047e7163][mcol]Group F[mcol]P[mcol]W[mcol]D[mcol]L[mcol]F[mcol]A[mcol]Pts[mcol]GD


[mrow][col]New Zealand[mcol]1[mcol]0[mcol]1[mcol]0[mcol]1[mcol]1[mcol]1[mcol]0




[table color=#D9E2EC:3d047e7163]

[mrow color=#8c333c:3d047e7163][mcol]No[mcol]Date[mcol]K.O.[mcol]Team[mcol]Score[mcol]Team[mcol]Venue[mcol]TV[mcol]Scorers

[mrow][col]11[mcol]14/6[mcol]19:30[mcol]Italy[mcol]1 - 1[mcol]Paraguay[mcol]Cape Town[mcol]BBC 1[mcol]Alcaraz 39', De Rossi 63'

[mrow][col]12[mcol]15/6[mcol]12:30[mcol]New Zealand[mcol]1 - 1[mcol]Slovakia[mcol]Rustenburg[mcol]BBC 1[mcol]Vittek 50', Reid 90(+3)

[mrow][col]27[mcol]20/6[mcol]12:30[mcol]Slovakia[mcol]-[mcol]Paraguay[mcol]Bloemfontein[mcol]BBC 1[mcol]-

[mrow][col]28[mcol]20/6[mcol]15:00[mcol]Italy[mcol]-[mcol]New Zealand[mcol]Nelspruit[mcol]ITV 1[mcol]-

[mrow][col]41[mcol]24/6[mcol]15:00[mcol]Slovakia[mcol]-[mcol]Italy[mcol]Johannesburg - JEP[mcol]ITV 1[mcol]-

[mrow][col]42[mcol]24/6[mcol]15:00[mcol]Paraguay[mcol]-[mcol]New Zealand[mcol]Polokwane[mcol]ITV 4[mcol]-[/table]

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In the other groups I think it will pretty much be the favourites topping them, apart from possibly France. Although I still think they should be strong enough to top their group.

However, Group F looks very interesting between Italy and Paraguay. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Paraguay will top the group.

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I suppose the logic would say Italy first and Paraguay second, however it would be nice to see that reversed. Paraguay are capable of doing it on their day, but will the group stage show them at their best? *drum roll*

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Italy should go through they might be old but they are a clever team plus its a swansong for many Italian legends like Cannavaro, Gattuso, Zambrotta and maybe Pirlo.

Slovakia for me are a dark horse. Won a difficult group and have good wingers and in Hamsik a player that can unlock a defence like Eastern European playmakers of old.

Wouldnt underestimate Paraguay but Cabanas shooting has had an effect on team

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The weakest group of all but Italy and Paraguay to win the group. I also think both these teams will get knocked out in the 2nd round to Denmark and Holland. Italy are a shadow of the team from 4 years ago.

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Slovakia are also a dark horse for me, they have a very aggressive side with lots of experience. I've heard a lot of shouts for Paraguay and despite doing very well in qualifying I'm not too sure as they never show up at the World Cup despite the talent they produce. Italy aren't the best team now, Lippi has chosen his favourites, but with him being very tactically astute and with all their experience they should grind the results out. Into the knockout stage I don't think they'll go far though.

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