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WC 2010: Group D Chat (Germany etc)


Who will top the group?  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will top the group?

    • Germany
    • Australia
    • Serbia
    • Ghana

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[table color=#D9E2EC:9d1c6f389b]

[mrow color=#8c333c:9d1c6f389b][mcol]Group D[mcol]P[mcol]W[mcol]D[mcol]L[mcol]F[mcol]A[mcol]Pts[mcol]GD






[table color=#D9E2EC:9d1c6f389b]

[mrow color=#8c333c:9d1c6f389b][mcol]No[mcol]Date[mcol]K.O.[mcol]Team[mcol]Score[mcol]Team[mcol]Venue[mcol]TV[mcol]Scorers

[mrow][col]7[mcol]13/6[mcol]19:30[mcol]Germany[mcol]4 - 0[mcol]Australia[mcol]Durban[mcol]ITV 1[mcol]Podolski 8',Klose 26', Mueller 68', Cacau 70'.

[mrow][col]8[mcol]13/6[mcol]15:00[mcol]Serbia[mcol]0 - 1[mcol]Ghana[mcol]Pretoria[mcol]ITV 1[mcol]Gyan 85'.

[mrow][col]21[mcol]18/6[mcol]12:30[mcol]Germany[mcol]-[mcol]Serbia[mcol]Port Elizabeth[mcol]BBC 1[mcol]-

[mrow][col]24[mcol]19/6[mcol]15:00[mcol]Ghana[mcol]-[mcol]Australia[mcol]Rustenburg[mcol]BBC 1[mcol]-

[mrow][col]39[mcol]23/6[mcol]19:30[mcol]Ghana[mcol]-[mcol]Germany[mcol]Johannesburg - JSC[mcol]ITV 1[mcol]-

[mrow][col]40[mcol]23/6[mcol]19:30[mcol]Australia[mcol]-[mcol]Serbia[mcol]Nelspruit[mcol]ITV 4[mcol]-[/table]

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If I was an England fan I'd be praying for Germany to top this group so they avoid playing them in the round of 16. There will be enough pressure on England as it is in the knock-out stage; they don't need the added anxiety of facing their old nemesis. (Don't get me wrong, I think England are the better side but Germany would clearly have the psychological advantage.)

Having said that, I think Serbia are a quality side and could very well top this group; especially given Germany's injuries.

That scenario would also favor the US if we finish second in Group C, as we would have a much better chance (I think) of beating Serbia than of beating Germany.

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I actually think this is a harder group than the Brazil, Iv Coast, Portugal and PRK group due to the fact there is no really weak team.

We all know Germany are decent when it comes to World Cups, Australia are getting old but are no pushovers, Ghana have decent players and so do Serbia...

This is one tough group to call.

At least with the Brazil group they all have a potential whipping boy in PRK to gain a decent goal difference! (saying that, who knows what PRK can do???)

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Group D, the group of Death, as ever!

any one from 4 could go through from this group IMO. I'll go for Serbia to win it though.

we should have a decent chance against any of these teams in the next round. I think our german hoodoo has been well and truly ended in recent times. I don't think we would fear them at all. Respect yes. Fear no.

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Serbia are overhyped, probably due to the likes of Vidic playing for them and the fact they won their group with a few underachievers in it.

I think they'll qualify as the Aussies lack the strikepower whilst Ghana have a very average team with a poor keeper. Germany will walk this group.

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i think that germany will win the group but not walk it, time their form to perfection as they usually do

i dont think serbia are overhyped because of vidic either, on paper they have a great first 11 IMO and antic is a good manager too

and the dark horses tag is easy to label them with because ghana and austrailia dont look up to much and neither do england in the 2nd round or france in the quarters, if a less fancied nation is to have a good run at the WC for me its hard to look past serbia

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Serbia aren't to be underestimated. A lot of quite good players, dangerous and not the hardest group for them. Their main problems are that it'll be difficult for them to top the group which means they'll most likely have to play us in the next round which might be too much for them.

But they are a good side. With a better/luckier draw I'd almost not have been surprised to see them replicate Croatia in 98.

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