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Summer 2010 Transfer Talk / Unfounded Speculation

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To be fair, name any germans who have played here.

EDIT: Damn, too slow!

I can think of few more worth mentioning.

Didi Hamann

KP Boateng

Markus Babbel

Robert Huth

Jens Lehmann

Mortin Volz

Christian Ziege

Steffen Freund

Uwe Rosler (speaking of which, weren't there a bunch of other Germans at City early-mid '90s?)

Been several others that weren't regulars, too, like that Nsereko kid at West Ham and Stefan Wessels at Everton.

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The west ham kid came from an italian team, so hitz aside alot of older players

The original arguement remains valid, IMO werder bremen offered ozil something no other prem team could

At the start of the season at least ambition to win the league

Take diegos place in a team that was built around him

Play every week in front of the german manager, remembering at the team he hadnt got into the german team

Made perfect sense for him to stay

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Our youngsters and reserves have consistently outperformed their peers

true but most of them haven't made the step up and stayed there have they .. Gabby is the only one at present isn't he ? .. and from the forums a lot of people think he shouldn't be in our team ( I rate him for what it's worth)

we've not yet produced a Player along the lines of West Ham who churned out a whole production line for example

Gareth Barry came through Villa's ranks.. I know we snatched him of Brighton at 16 IIRC, but nevertheless he came through Villa's ranks along with Vassell.

I see where you're coming from but apart from Gabby we have produced other decent players that arguably we maybe should have kept ie...Cahill, Whittingham et al.

I was meaning the current crop of Bannan, Albrighton, Delfouneso, Lichaj, Clarke etc

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£20m over 3 years, so you need to do your maths again.

No I don't, really. You have guaranteed money coming in, so if you need to spend it now, why not?

60 mill.

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20m from sponsorship deal, 30m from Milner sale, another 10m for Shorey, NRC, and Heskey.....that's 60 million pounds in the transfer kitty.

Word is the sponsorship money has been set aside for the North Stand redevelopment.

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The Sun says that Stoke want Carlton Cole and Heskey.

I hope there is a bit of truth in this! Heskey played well for England at the weekend but he's not what we need at Villa.

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With top players running off him he suddenly looks a good player and you can see why top players want him in their side.

Yeah, I think Emile gets some unfair criticism, when a lot of it is just down to the fact he just doesnt suit our style of play

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Lichaj is poor in my opinion.

Clark, Albrighton, Delfouneso are the three main players I think that can step up. Albrighton as regular impact player and sometimes starts. Delfouneso as starting more and more sub apparences and Clark as 4th choice CB.

Lichaj can throw as far as Delap. Reason enough to put him in the first team!

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