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PL: Portsmouth a Ratings & Reactions


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • Dunne
    • Cuellar
    • Warnock
    • Collins
    • Downing
    • A Young
    • Milner
    • Petrov
    • Carew
    • Agbonlahor
    • Carew (for Heskey 72)
    • Delfouneso (for Agbonlahor 80)

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3 points! thats all that matters! However, Downing was shocking at times to me he just dont seem to like to chase anything down.

But still 3 points is 3 points and should boost the team.

TBH we didnt look tht tired either!


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1st half I thought we played well.

2nd half, our crossing wasn't great but still created enough chances to win by a clear margin.

Probert missed 3 stonewall penalties for us (and 1 for them). He should be suspended for that performance.

Friedel MOTM. Did not make many spectacular saves but was very solid.

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I thought Ashley Young was our best player, how some Villa fans can want him to be sold is beyond belief...

ok - can anyone who wants ash to be sold make themselves known please...


so that bit was b0llocks then wasnt it?

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Some disappointing performances but a vital win in the grand scheme of things. Probert was just plain awful, foul on Gabby results in Portsmouth scoring from an offside position, misses 3 stone wall penalties out of four, unfortunately Carew made it easy for James to save. This game had the potential to be a real banana skins but thanks to the Fonz it wasn't, and we are still in with a great chance of a top 6 finish again.

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dear god i can't belive the negativity! we won. we played spells of good football, and tbh pompey rarely threatened. should have scored a couple more but let's be happy for a change!

Good football, overhitting cross after cross?

If you say so.

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I thought Ashley Young was our best player, how some Villa fans can want him to be sold is beyond belief...

Cuellar, Warnock, Milner, and Petrov were all shocking

Although the worst performer on the pitch was again the man in black...Shocking, just shocking, how that stumpy pile of shit can ref in any league higher than the Bristol Downs League Division 4 is beyond me...

Milner shocking? Have a word with yourself

frustrating game but MON deserves credit for the subs this time

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friedel - 8 - outstanding, MOTM, which says everything.

cuellar - 5 - shaky at the back, clueless going forward, shite at crossing, why is he even on the pitch?

warnock - 5 - kept giving the ball away, time after time, and brushed off the ball too easily

collins - 6 - prone to the odd clanger here and there, and him and dunney looked like they were in a different world.

dunne - 6 - see above

a young - 6 - had a few good touches and looked dangerous going forward but no end product

downing - 5 - another in his long line of stinkers. can't pass, can't cross, ducks out of tackles. season cannot finish sooner for him.

petrov - 5 - captain marvel goes missing again, apart from a couple of occasions I didnt notice he was actually playing. died again on 60 mins.

milner - 6 - plenty of ideas but puts it out wide too much. he's also been giving the ball away a lot more recently which is worrying

gabby - 6 - posed a threat with pace but missed a real sitter.

carew - 6 - took his goal well as you should but missing sitters and that penalty did him no favours today.


heskey - 5 - did absolutely nothing more than he should have been doing for the past 18 months. apart from getting stuck in for the fonz's goal was he even there?

fonz - 7 - came on, predatory strike, more than 10 minutes next time please.

That was a shocking performance by most of the team. I will say now that if that is the best we can do we will not beat any of the other teams we have to face, we don't look good enough. We should have won by 3 or 4 goals today.

Worst of all, the football we play is just not fun to watch. How is this anything different than what JG got slated for towards the end of his tenure? Perhaps it would have been different if he jumped around on the touchline and gave quirky interviews, I don't know.

oh and the ref had an absolute stinker. we've had probably 20 or more useless refs this season

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How is some one slating Petrov? Barely puts a foot wrong and easily our most 'classy' player. The same bloke suggesting we throw Bouma back in after 2 years with out football.

Absolute genius mate especially with the Blues game next week!

We dominated today and deserved the 3 points. Happy days!

Doesn't put a foot wrong cos he doesn't do anything!

Blue game? What about Hull in 3 days time? You want the same knackered 11 players playing then as well?

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Good first half, a bit drained for ideas in the second, relied on Downing and Young crossing too much. Ref was diabolical, as they currently are for us. One foul never seen that led to their goal, and two other clear penalties missed. I don't believe in karma but I'd love for it to strike down Spurs and City in the next few games.

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to be fair we scored 2, missed 2 absolute sitters, missed a pen and could/should have had 3 more pens, so we could have made it a cricket score, ash's ball in to gabby for him to shockingly miss was as good a ball as you will see, but thats what 1 out of about 10 - 15 crosses he attempted

but thats my main criticism of us, id love to know the % of crosses that were overhit/hit the 1st man/just plain shit etc we worked it well down the line but cuellar, warnock, ash, downing, milner all of them were rubbish at crossing, and big john was turning his back and jumping into players for half of them rather than really attacking the ball

we were awful at the back, id like to see it mixed up in the last couple of games, but it wont happen

our passing was by and large atrocious, as someone said earlier on the match thread, hollywood passes going nowhere

as i said in the match thread, thats gabby, ash, stu and warnock not going to the WC IMO, not good enough

and you'd like to think thats the fonz going to get a look in, but that probably wont happen either

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I feel like we've just won at Rochdale in the cup. Yes we won, but disappointed how difficult we made it.

Neutrals watching that must be laughing at how shit we played

Why are they saying Dunne fouled Boateng, he was nowhere near him!

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dont think any individual was that bad, and we pretty much dominated in terms of possession.

however, the constant tactic of getting it out wide and banging in a cross is really annoying, especially given the poor standard of many of these crosses. we mixed it up the first 10 minutes by passing and moving inside more, and pompeys defence was all over the place. we need to do this more often. i think we have the players to play better footy than we do, just the tactics are holding us back.

pleased for fonz, his goals per minutes ratio must be ridiculously good now! we need some rotation midweek though, give a few a rest.

ref was awful- we should have had 3 penalties and possibly a 4th, we only got 1.

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W'ere the best Leceister/Bolton/Stoke in the Premiership. CUELLAR IS NOT A RIGHT BACK! No doubt that MON is now a tactical genius though :lol: . Happy we won(Table looks much nicer!)... Overall though, our manager makes every game that much harder for us, by frankly, being stubborn, and tactically inept.

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The penalty shout on Agbonlahor was stonewall, he gave the second one, the Young one was a bit enhh because he basically lost control of the ball to another player while standing still hoping that somebody would foul him, and Petrov was playing for that penalty so hard he basically stuck his leg out and bounced it off James while falling over.

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