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PL: Portsmouth a Ratings & Reactions


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • Dunne
    • Cuellar
    • Warnock
    • Collins
    • Downing
    • A Young
    • Milner
    • Petrov
    • Carew
    • Agbonlahor
    • Carew (for Heskey 72)
    • Delfouneso (for Agbonlahor 80)

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An away win and 12 points left to get this season. Performance quality doesn't matter, results do, keep on getting them from here on out and see where we end up

I suspect high up the table but somehow dissatisfied.

I'm pleased we won, but... AAARGH! Just AAARGH!

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Well done O'Neill. That's what happens when you take a gamble and put on a natural goalscorer....:)

Well, our performance was okay but it was as if we sorta played the occasion and just dropped to their level of "care free" football.

Saying that, with the chances we had, should of had 4 penalties. Yes 4. We should of won by 4/5.

Friedel - 8 - A helluva alot better.

Cuellar - 6 - Wasteful.

Warnock - 6 - See above.

Dunne - 7 - Solid

Collins - 6 - Shaky.

Young - 7 - Decent enough, some decent balls.

Downing - 6.5 - Got into the game more in second half.

Petrov - 6 - Forgot he was playing

Milner - MOTM - 8 - Pretty much the start of every single move.

Carew - 5.5 - Went missing and missed some sitters.

Agbonlahor - 6.5 - Played well first half but went missing second.

Heskey - 7 - Decent.

Delfouneso - 7.5 - Winnerrrr.

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no plan b

Fonz deserves more time on the pitch

Downing not good enough

Petrov has no reasons to keep his place in team. Not captain material, doesn't score goals, can't tackle, few assists, can't run for 90 minutes. Can't run for 45 minutes. Can we afford to keep a player who can only pass if he has time and space?

Bouma needs a game, Warnock needs a break. Simples isn't it?

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This was a terrible performance, but we won so can't complain too much. Anyone else think Downing needs a rest? Don't think i've ever seen him play that bad. His attempts at getting past defenders were just pathetic and not one decent cross today. Nice to see The Fonz score though. Hopefully he'll get the chance to impress against Hull aswell.

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Guest Ricardomeister

3 important points although when an almost reserve Pompey side has more shots on target, more shots off target and more corners than us then it shows, imo, that we are a long way off being a top 4 standard team. We are way too predictable and our crossing needs serious work. Nobody really stood out for me today so I can't think of a deserving man of the match. Most were ok but I don't think anybody was outstanding. Good to see Delf get the winner.

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Some over reactions here. It wasn't as bad as people make out, maybe if the other 3 penalties, still can't believe them, had been given then it would of been a lot more comfortable. I don't mind us getting it out wide to cross it in, after all thats what won us the game. The only problem is the majority of the crosses were poor. Pompey didn't really scare us and the onus was on us to press for the win which we didn't do really. Well done Heskey and the Fonz, one more win should see European football secured, providing Pompey fail in their appeal.

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I'm dreading hearing O'Neill's thoughts on the game

They will be straightforward, outlining we have won the game (which he probably needs to do to remind some people, given the general mood on here), could've had a few penalties and how we are looking to win the next 4 games. Can't see what you are dreading there

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I thought Ashley Young was our best player, how some Villa fans can want him to be sold is beyond belief...

Cuellar, Warnock, Milner, and Petrov were all shocking

Although the worst performer on the pitch was again the man in black...Shocking, just shocking, how that stumpy pile of shit can ref in any league higher than the Bristol Downs League Division 4 is beyond me...

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How is some one slating Petrov? Barely puts a foot wrong and easily our most 'classy' player. The same bloke suggesting we throw Bouma back in after 2 years with out football.

Absolute genius mate especially with the Blues game next week!

We dominated today and deserved the 3 points. Happy days!

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I'm dreading hearing O'Neill's thoughts on the game.

TBF what are you expecting him to say?

He made the sub who scored, we could have had several penalties.

They lacked chances in the second half, we did all the pressing they just used the counter attacks which didnt come to much.

Our crosses were shit and we didnt have a plan B but i dont expect him to say that on MON

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Friedel - 8 - Best game in a while

Cuellar - 6 - Can't cross, very wasteful, decent defensive work

Warnock - 6 - Same as Cuellar but slightly better going forward

Dunne - 7 - Solid as usual

Collins - 6 - Needs to be dropped, playing poor

Young - 6 - Lively but how many times will he simply keep running into a player and losing the ball

Downing - 5 - Can't cross or pass, looking poor for 12mill, Albrighton offers more

Petrov - 5 - Another sub standard display

Milner - 8 - At the heart of everything we do, always

Carew - 6 - Scored but didn't do a lot else

Agbonglahor - 6 - Lacked a killer touch but its fine, he will score next week

Heskey - 6 - Didn't have a lot of time

THE FONZ - 7 - Scored the winner what more do you want...........

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