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Bollitics: VT General Election Poll #3 - GE Week One


Which party gets your X  

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  1. 1. Which party gets your X

    • Conservative (and UUP alliance)
    • Labour
    • Liberal Democrat
    • Green
    • UKIP
    • BNP
    • Jury Team (Coallition of Independents)
    • Spoil Ballot
    • Not voting

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Saw in a paper at work that the Lib Dems are going to let all the illegal immigrants stay here and have a UK passport.

What a terriffic idea.............if you want to lose your deposit at every seat, bunch of loons

Think if its theyve been here for 10 or more years, plus it gets them paying taxs and out of criminal circles...

Illegal immigrants should be deported, not rewarded with citizenship

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Clegg has by far come out best.

Cameron, to be fair, has done the best he can. But he simply is all flash and no balls, he can't be honest and give detail because he knows if he told the truth he'd lose votes.

Brown, he's done alright, certainly not the dribbling fool the media make him out to be.

But yes, Clegg has impressed.

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i agree, clegg has battered them IMO

brown has done alright but i cant help but think thats its a big load of bollocks how after 13 years of shite they've suddenly come up with all these great ideas, cameron is holding his own, but he's getting a bit ganged up on, the ratings will go down for tories following this IMO

also a bit disapointed that when they spoke about the army they didnt go into depth about leaving afghan or discuss WTF we are doing there, GB saying we need to save £6,000m in the next 9 months, then 2 minutes later saying we've just spent £5,000m on helicopters and other vehicles in afghan :(

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Guest Ricardomeister

Cameron has been really shown to be out of his depth tonight. Clegg is a definite winner and Gordy has come out much better than I expected.

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