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Bollitics: VT General Election Poll #3 - GE Week One


Which party gets your X  

90 members have voted

  1. 1. Which party gets your X

    • Conservative (and UUP alliance)
    • Labour
    • Liberal Democrat
    • Green
    • UKIP
    • BNP
    • Jury Team (Coallition of Independents)
    • Spoil Ballot
    • Not voting

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Well we've all had much fun on the previous thread but now that the race is started, time for a new poll.

One poll each week (tried to time to end before each leaders debate) and see if the general opinion changes.

Poll open for 7 days.

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Who's that fat scottish bloke with one eye? He's not getting my vote..
What about the drug taking upper class liar then?

Good to see that you like the looks of the politicians so much :-)

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Guest Ricardomeister

Still definitely not voting for any of the fascist parties so not Tory, UKIP or BNP. At the moment I am undecided between Green, Lib Dems or Labour, not necessarily because I love them but they seem the lesser of many evils. I would prefer it if Gordy stood down and was replaced by someone like Alan Johnson but it still may come down to tactical voting so if the Tories look like mounting a serious challenge in my constituency then, as I have a social conscience, I will probably vote Labour just to keep the selfish, me me me, fox murderers out.

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This tells you who you should vote for. ;)

If I was English I'd have to vote BNP...votematch is flawed because I can't stand the BNP on 90% of their policies..I do believe foreigners who commit crimes should be deported, and that a man can use force to protect his home against intruders.

That reckons I'd vote Lib Dem. Which I reckon would be roughly accurate if I did. But I only match 55%.

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