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When facing a bear would you.......?


Would you choose  

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  1. 1. Would you choose

    • The Salmon
    • The Gun

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You are facing a large bear and have a few seconds to act, do you....

a) Take the large fresh salmon you have just caught and throw it to distract the bear, hoping he eats it etc


B) pull the shotgun out of your backpack and shoot the bear

This will help settle an arguement we are having at work

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I Take each bear as it comes, the 4 F principle.

Find - Pretty obvious.

Feed - Give the lad some food, show him you care.

Friend - The previous F should show you are looking for friendship and this usually is enough to make the step into 'friendship zone'

Family - Once the Friendship is established, take him back to your family.

I've got 84 bears. Successful technique.

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If he thought I was after his babies, food would be the last of his concerns, so I'd be more likely to just shoot him just to be sure, as long as I could get 2 rounds off before he got to me and the gun was fairly good. I think then i'd be alright. as long as they hit his head. I don't know how strong his skull is, but surely 2 shots to the head from close range would take him out. More effective than throwing a salmon towards him anyways.

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What is the shotgun loaded with?

If it's bird shot, then you aint stopping a bear with it, so throw it the salmon.

If it's buck shot, then you'll probably stop it for a bit, so shoot the bear and run.

If it's a slug, then you're definitely stopping the bear with it, so shoot the bear, and skin it for a nice new rug.

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