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Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • L Young
    • Dunne
    • Warnock
    • Collins
    • Sidwell
    • A Young
    • Milner
    • Petrov
    • Carew
    • Agbonlahor
    • Downing (63)
    • Delfouneso (63)
    • Beye (71)

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No excuses from MON in the post-match it seems

what did he say?

"We were well beaten by a fine side. We were masters of our downfall. We stopped competing at 3-1 and that's unforgivable. We are devastated and we have to fight back from this."

He refused to blame tiredness as every team has a hard season - you can tell this result hurts him. But he thinks we have it in the squad to bounce back.

Do you expect him to say we havn't got it in us to bounce back.... employees of the club have to sell seats....of course he will say that, they all do.

I just feel right now, that I'm poking money in his pocket while he's pissing on my boots.

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Funny you drop Cueller and we concede 7!!! Blowing out their asses for weeks i can accept defeat but 7-1 Jesus i dont even think my Sunday league team has ever lost by that many!! Anyone that wants a ticket for the Semi now will have no problems me thinks!! I dunno why though but i think that by some bizarre footballing quirk of fate it might just mean we win that Semi or am i dreaming!?

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Pure and simple...

MON is as stubborn as they come and he **** it up today, as he has done in a few of his selections this season.

I read his stories on the Ofiicial Site every day, and only this week, he was telling us fans, that he desperately needed to rest the likes of Milner, Dunne, Heskey, Petrov, Downing and Collins, players that have been pretty much part of the same starting 11 all season. Some of those mentioned players have, as he said, been struggling with niggling injuries...

So whats does O'Neill do? He plays them against Chelsea, a tired team with struggling players. Chelsea once again exposed our lack of strength in depth, scoring 5 goals in the second half as our players where 'blowing out of their arses'.

He refuses to make changes and use some of the fringe players that we have at our expense..

Today, is the first time in a long while that I have been embarrassed to be a Villa fan, I can accept defeats, but the manner in which we lost today is inexcusable..

I look forward to MON's post match interview, where he comes out, sticks his hands in the air and apologises to the fans for what was, an absolute crap performance, instigated by a manager who seems to have lost his way in the basics of squad rotation..

I think there is a tendency of contradiction From Martin O'Neill he seems to say one thing and do another.

We seem to bark on like a record player about how good the kids are, but they never get a proper run out..... now they are either good enough or they are not, Gabby seems to be the last real find, what 3/4 seasons ago.... so is this academy a myth?

I think a large dose of over hype comes out of B6 at times, just to feed the self gratification that is desperately in evidence.

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People say I am talking bollox because I say that Petrov and Milner are knackered after 60 minutes


You lot are deluded you really are.

And you know what = I saw Milner run 90 yrds in the last minute - it doesn't mean he wasn't knackered.

What it does mean is he is the only one who actually gave a shite !

MON will destroy Milners world cup dream - coz his body cannot take this - believe me !


and another thing - to those who say "I expect a reaction after this"

Funny, I thought thats what we were saying last week ?

you are not and do not talk bollox

The Midfield set up ain't right

who picks up Lampard, who picks up Gerrard, who picks up Rooney or even attempts to..... you just cannot let these players free its suicide.

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The worst performance I've seen from a Villa side in my life!

A defence that looked all over the place and not comfortable with the ball and a midfield bybassed so easily with no general ball winner in the team.

We're predicatable to watch (get the ball wide and put the ball in the box in hope)

No way near enough quality for the money we've spent.

End of the road for O'Neill for me!

This defence thing is a myth.we just get bodies behind the ball, sit deep,deny ourselves offensive options and then pat ourselves on the back for having the best defensive record in the PL and then go in to important games and concede with the ease of a knife through butter.

Jekyl and Hyde thats us.

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embarssing what more can we say?

defensively woeful, collins dro him NOW and bring in c arlos or curt. collins has been woeful for a whle now and we got shown how bad he was.

thought sidwell was our best player but that isnt good!

i have a feelin this could benefit us for rest of season, we cant get any worse. i think we have aweek to reflect and im sure the players will want to bounce back

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Whatever would have happened it would have been O Neills fault with the opinions of people on here. Finally he does what everyone has said for weeks and this happens and it is O Neills fault again.

I believe 4th is out of our grasp now, i thought it before this game anyway.

I dont think O Neill out is the answer like many people on here do. Who better would take the job?

Lets get behind them till the end of the season we have improved this year on last and still believe 2 or 3 more quality players in the squad can get us 4th with O Neill next season.

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Collins grovelling on Twitter. He can **** right off

Or maybe he's just generally sorry and would like to apologise to the fans...he seems a very genuine bloke I don't know what your problem is. You are acting as if it's all his fault.

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Whatever would have happened it would have been O Neills fault with the opinions of people on here.

yup - thats because whatever happens to a team, good or bad is primarily down to the manager, so its got fvck all to do with peoples opinions on here.

managers say it all of the time - the buck stops with them. its why they resign when chairmen interfere with team selection and its also the reason that managers get sacked all of the time but players dont.

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Worst game I've been to in my life. I thought it was all ok up until that penalty really (might I add that was NOT a penalty). We played well at the start of the second half but then fell to pieces.

Nothing you can do really but move on. I'm holding out hope that we can bounce back from this and win next weekend.

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