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Who to get on the back of my shirt?


Who to get on the back of my shirt???  

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  1. 1. Who to get on the back of my shirt???

    • Carlos Cuellar
    • James Milner
    • Neither, getting players names on the back of your shirt is for kids

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If you are to get Milner, you must refer to him by his correct title - 'King James the first, Lord and Ruler of all he purvays'. Might be short on space though.
Purvays???? :|


Better than "pervies" I suppose :-)

I always thought purvay (should have been purvey) was to do with seeing or observing. Apparently I was completely wrong. Behold would have been better.

...I have far too much free time

You're thinking of "survey".

"Purvey" (with an "e") means "to provide", as in "Purveyors of fine wines to the gentry", etc.

Although, as we all know, James Milner is the creator - the uncaused cause, he is eternal and everlasting. Therefore he purveyed the world we inhabit, so 'purvey' still makes sense. WIN!

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I think everyone should get their VT username, or perhaps the username of their favourite VT user.... me?
"Qwpzxjor 1" it is, then.

EDIT: Damn, beaten to the punch.

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