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The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

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saw Birmingham fans hit 2 women, rocket polishers.

on a lighter note we got moved into the disabled seating with the wife being pregnant, and got a great view. we left after the Enzo clattering, and we saw it going off in the concourse and outside, Birmingham as a city doesnt deserve big time boxing with idiots like these, if wed been in the seating I dread to think what might have happened

was sitting by the trouble and the birmingham city fans where an absolute disgrace.they where goading the welsh all night, totally unnecessary before trouble broke between about 15 guys. was bollocks about somone falling over the balcony though.dont get why they need too bring football into a boxing event.shouting football songs, mostly anti -villa all through the enzo ,macklin fight. it kicked off in birmingham before with the mccracken fight due to birmingham city fans.sums them up really.

I was sat one block away, These Welsh guys where with their wives and kids and weir for most clearly were no trouble what so ever. **** hate Birmingham City shit support, shit club and words removed for fans.


City fans are always like this.

I could hear the silly anti-villa songs, idiots man. Always gotta bring the football/gary lager aspect of it to anywhere they go, even if it's an event a million miles from being football related.

I know for a fact that a city fan could start a fight in an empty room.


I hate Birmingham City they're a tinpot club with shit support the worst bit is they think they are a big club with great intimidating support and their fans all seem to feel that because they are a Birmingham City fans it means they are tough and intimidating even the ones who aren't with the Zulu's.

When they came to Reading last year three of their fans (not Zulu btw) walked passed the bus line where hundreds of Reading fans where standing, goading swearing at them so my mate who is about 5"6 and 9 stone walked up to em and decked all of them was funny as ****.

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I'm not sure Haye's chin is that questionable. He got off the floor to beat Mormeck, so he has resilience when he gets hit by a good fighter. It's just how low he carries his guard, you could argue he doesnt even bother with a guard half the time. Audley has a huge left hand and he certainly has the power to flatten Haye with it should it connect.

I just cant see past Haye's speed advantage though. He is too quick and he is a hell of a puncher, see how he took apart the iron chinned Ruiz last time out. Sprott was dominating Harrison before the twelfth round of their fight and Haye is a much better fighter than Michael Sprott. I feel that Haye could KO Audley within two or three rounds.

The build up to this fight has seen me warm to Audley for some reason though. I cant put my finger on as to why other than he is a massive underdog, but he has carried himself very well in the face of all of Haye's shit talking. I just dont think Audley is in the same league as Haye when it comes to fighting. He has a punchers chance, but that's about it.

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