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Where do you think we will finish?  

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  1. 1. Where do you think we will finish?

    • 1st - 4th
    • 5th - 8th
    • 9th - 12th
    • 13th - 16th
    • 17th - 20th

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Fair points - I much prefer the "perceived negativity" thread though for a true reflection of peoples real feelings on where this club is, where it is going and where it should be.

p.s. I dont think that negativity towards the signings is right, its been more the peceived lack of permanent strength in depth to the squad that has been the issue.

p.p.s I'd still like to finish in a european place but suspect that it will be a whole load different this year.

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Can I ask for you not to have a petty argument over a tiny way something was worded tonight please?
Fair point JC (if it was aimed at me) - not trying to have a petty argument :oops: If it was not aimed at me ............... 8)
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I much prefer the "perceived negativity" thread

`You got the link? I`d like to see what people really do think of the clubs state at the moment.

Its the why is everyone so negative JPA, there are some great posts in there. Lots of differing views
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JPA - hang on in a previous thread you talked about us struggling with the signings we had made etc - or was that a peice of sarcasm I missed. (it was the are you exited thread from July 5th?) If it wasnt sarcasm why the change of heart?

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went for between 5th and 8th. With a BIG proviso. Injuries. Our squad is far too thin in key areas. A lot depends on the state of JPA's knee - this worries me greatly. What if we don't get Berson and Gav gets injured/suspended - who's the holding midfieder?

what if Ollie or Laursen get a bad injury? If we have a clear run on the injury front I think we've got a good chance of 5th/6th - all the way down to 8th. If we have bad luck with injuries, we're looking at mid table or slightly lower. Don't see us flirting with relegation under this manager though, even with the worst of luck.

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Ive gone for 5th-8th : I really cant see us getting any lower, regardless of what happens. JPAs knee is a bit of a worry yeah Jon, but we could do with Ryu to tell us whats going on because he usually knows everything JPA-related. We do need another holding midfieeelder, and will probably get one so that isnt a worry. And if Ollie or Laursen get injured, we have Ridgewell - who is looking like he could be a very good player, and more likely than not we'll be getting Drobny on a season long loan or something. Things should be good this year! :)

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I don't think the end of our season will be very good, especially if we don't get in any new players in January. I reckon we'll start fairly well then fade towards then end, finishing 8th or 9th.

If I'm wrong and we do better, then I'll be delighted to admit to being wrong...

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^^^ well James, they have got enough players to field 2 first teams that are better than most sides first 11!

Prem League wouldn't be too happy though ............

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my top 6 are

1. Chelsea

2. Arsenal

3. Chelsea

4. Villa

5. Newcaslte

6. Charlton

Blimey, Chelsea are going to have a bloody good season.

With manure and redscouse relegated obviously

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I'd have taken your Chelsea as Champions predications seriously apart from 1 thing

Villa in 4th

not a chance

for your amusement though her is mystic Tony's predictions

1. Liverpool - almost the same squad with a good partner for Hyppia now , a decent manager & 2 shit hot strikers ..Cisse & baros

2. man U - improved their back line .. will score goals for fun this season ..might even be champions

3. Arsenal - might loose Vierra , an injury to Henry and they are just an average team

4. Chelsea - too many new faces , all foreign , wait until the English winter and Boro away .. too many big stars to gel ..and I can't stand that arrogant clearing in the woods of a manager so I want them to fail ..having said that they like the others could win it , kezman looks a class act

5. Newcastle ... don't think they will get 5th but then no-one else has improved enough to really challenge them for the place the achieved last season ..expect Robson to be sacked after about 15 games and a late charge will see them secure 5th

6. anyone of the rest , except Norwich ,Palace , West brom & Blues

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Arsenal will piss the league and get to the Champions league final - put money on it. Manure will fade could finish as low a fifth. Chelsea, Liverscum and Barcodes will fill the other top spots in any order.

And we will beat every team, home and away 7 (Seven) - 1.

(Oops, that kind of buggers up my Arsenal to piss it theory)

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