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The biggest problem?


What do you feel is the biggest factor affecting our form at the moment?  

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  1. 1. What do you feel is the biggest factor affecting our form at the moment?

    • Injuries
    • Supply from the midfield
    • Defensive blunders
    • Confidence
    • Lack of steel/fight/motivation
    • Poor tactics/team selection
    • Unrest caused from takeover rumours or poor support from the fans
    • The absence of a natural leader and captain

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Bit strange this Poll is, because confidence effects why we have defensive blunders etc etc.

Anyway i put confidence.

If we get baros back he will give u s a little lift and we might play abit better!

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ELLIS and he's not a choice

There was an option for board room mis-management resulting in the 3 year cycle, seems polls are limited to so many options.

And Jez I agree that confidence will be affected by and affect most of these....so take it to the next level, how would you get the confidence back?

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In the games I have seen this season (admittedly not that many), it's the defence that inevitably leads to the defeats. Injuries, blah blah but giving teams a two goal head start like yesterday aint gonna win us any games.

Fact: If we stop conceding goals, we will stop losing games. Going forward we do seem to run out of ideas but that's mostly because we are chasing games because we are defensively inept.

Tighten things up at the back, let the midfield start worrying about going forward rather than panicking about what's happening behind them and the goals will come; there's enough quality in the side to come through but it all starts at the back.

Oh and if you don't believe me, think Arsenal of a few years back. Boring as f*** maybe but what I wouldn't give for a few 1-0 wins right now.

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I have gone for "The absence of a natural leader and captain".

To be honest I think our biggest problem other than that though is we defend too deep. It leaves too large a gap between the midfield and means the forwards do not get the appropriate service/support required.

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The players aren't motivated. I don't know why but they just seem to be strolling around the pitch in a world of their own without a care in the world.

If they lose the ball they don't seem that bothered about winning it back, when in possesion of the ball they don't look confident enough to do anything with it.

On paper we have a good squad, not a brilliant squad, but we have a bunch of players who could finish in the top 8... if only they'd bloody perform!

I think the return of Baros will give us a lift, he will add some spark to our play, but until the other players pull their finger out he wont have as much of an impact on the outcome of games as he should.

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