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PL: Portsmouth h 2009/09/19 Reactions and Ratings


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Comfortable win. The defence coped very well with the Pompey onslaught in the second half. Friedel was excellent, the two centre halves look like they have been playing together for years. Im still not sure Cuellar is a full back.

Ash is still a marked man. He gets closed down so quickly these days its unbelievable, great ball in the first half almost caused an own goal though. Milner continues to impress. Took the penalty very well and had a good game in general. He must be first choice penalty taker now?

Lovely goal from Gabby too. I really like how he decided to shoot early. I dont think James expected it and thats probably the biggest factor behind the goal. A man playing with confidence.

Thought Carew was a bit quiet.

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Good win, comfortable.

Friedel - 8.5 was brilliant and commanding in the box.

Cuellar - 6 Just a game

Collins - 8 Did really well, he can pick a pass this lad

Dunne - 7.5 Solid but unspectacular

Warnock - 8 Great game, didn't get forward much but this lad can defend. Feel so much better about the defence now with him in the side

Young - 7.5 Worked hard all game but he's still searching for that spark of brilliance this season.

Petrov - 7 Good game should've scored a nice snap shot in the box but for a brilliant save by James. Out on his feet after 75 minutes.

Sidwell - 6.5 Didn't do much. Have my doubts about him as a starter in a 4-4-2, should be a squaddie only IMO.

Milner - 8 Solid game, awesome penalty, fast becoming a Villa star.

Carew- 6 Pretty ordinary, looks off the pace, still has the flick ons but looks clumsy with the ball at his feet.

Gabby - MOTM 8.5 Great game son. Top drawer goal. All those who thought he was fat can now eat their words, the lad's fast and furious!!

Subs - Heskey not on long enough to rate unfortunate to get injured

Delph - not on long enough, other players seemed to not want to pass the ball to him.

MON - Bit confused why he starts off with the entire complement of senior CBs we have at the club on the pitch. I think Beye should've had a run out in this game and Cuellar to the bench. Also think it was very silly that he kept Carlos on after he was booked. With the training bust up with Reo-Coker he's gonna have a job on his hands managing the squad I feel. Lets hope for some big cup runs and a continuation of this league form too.


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Good win, probably should have conceded a goal later in the game, great job by Friedel.

Friedel - 9 I do worry about some of his throws though. He seems to get his defense in trouble every now and then

Cueller - 6.5 Didn't do horribly, but he's just too slow to play on the outside. Not really sure why he was there in the first place

Dunne - 8 Solid in the middle, no complaints

Collins - 8 Same as Dunne, he misplaced a number of passes early in the game.

Warnock - 7 Nothing spectacular, but did what was needed.

Sidwell - A very dull 6 Wasn't impressed with him, really didn't seem to take hold of the game

Petrov - 7 Once again, nothing spectacular, but was the only relevant centre mid in the second half, got us the penalty though

Milner - 8 Great penalty, made some great runs, especially late in the game

Young - 6 or 7 I'm not really sure what to rate him, I thought he was better on the ball today, but he needs to be more of a weapon offensively

Gabby - 8 Great strike, especially with the slip. Seemed to disappear and reappear throughout the game, but was definitely the best forward

Carew - 6.5 Was good in the air, didn't really do anything in the game

Heskey - n/a didn't do anything when he came in the game, but didn't play enough to rate

Delph - Hard to say how he did only playing 10 minutes, but seemed to be fairly active

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Gabby looked unplayable at times today. Pompey's defense shat itself whenever he got the ball.

Warnocks distribution is a big improvement on both Shorey's and Bouma, looks a cracking signing. Would like to see Beyeback at right back as I reckon with Beye and Warnock our build up play could be really excellent.

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  • VT Supporter

Well played, IMO we are still not in form yet we keep pulling these results out of the bag. Young was of the pace, IMO he is being hit hard early in the game and its taking its toll on his overall play, he will get his form back and when he does we will be flying.

Collins was very good IMO, Dunne was good but don't half commit himself in the tackle, can see how he gets booked.

Gabby, hes gonna be a real top quality striker for us see what he was trying to do against the SHA now, except this time he finished it perfectly.

MOTM for me was though was Brad, top quality calm, composed. UTV

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good win, job done, expected nothing less than three points today.

a bit concerned over petrov and sidwells second half display, against better players we could of ended up drawing this game, in a 4-4-2 formation one of them has got to sit deep and protect the back four.

also nice to see brad pulling off some good saves, imo he was motm.

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It was comfortable. However, still don't think 4-4-2 is for us. For 20 mins of the second half we were getting carved open by a poor Portsmouth side. Saying that though, if Pompey play like that, i can see them staying up.

Pompey were well in control for those 20 mins, and more. They had us chasing shadows, were far more inventive than us and had more shots on goal. They could easily have scored and changed the complexion of the game. I certainly didn't feel comfortable until Heskey went off.

Still, a satisfying 3 points, well done, especially GA, JM, BF

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First time since Laursen, i've been really impressed with a centre back two games in a row. Collins was excellent today again. Composed on the ball, a good passer and getting his head to everything. Friedel was outstanding also.

Friedel - 9

Cueller - 6

Dunne - 7

Collins - 8

Warnock - 7

Milner - 8

Sidwell - 5

Petrov - 6

Young - 7

Agbonlahor - 8

Carew - 5

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Good performance, a solid win, were virtually untroubled by Portsmouth. James kept the margin of victory down. Credit to Gabby for a superb goal and Sidwell for a non-stop display, probably his best since he's been at the club.

Poor old Heskey has no luck whatsoever.

Good to see MON showing tactical flexibility with the change to 4-5-1 towards the end.

Another clean sheet. Lots of positives to take from the game. Just wish more people had stayed around to give the team the applause they so richly deserved.

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Good three points. However I am a bit concerned with how poorly we play at time. Plus I noticed a few players being lazy in the second half. I also wasn't happy with the corners at the end and the way nobody was in the box. Good result, however I still feel we need to improve. UTV!

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  • Moderator

Just back from the game and came away pleased with the points if a little frustrated at the performance which was professional but hardly exciting. Its not a critism, many a time I've walked away from Villa Park after games we should have won longing for a side that did its job in these sort of games and this side is nothing if not efficient.

There is just little to excite me about the team, little to get me on my feet or get the pulse racing, again this isn't a critism more a comment. I enjoy seeing us win I'm not a Spurs fan who would claim how we play is more important than the result, its just watching this side at the moment just doesn't excite me at all and I want to be entertained a little.

All that said, a solid and sound performance especially at the back where it finally looks stable I just wish Young was there in place of Ceullar at RB while the midfield did its job but yet again struggled late on.

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Another clean sheet. Lots of positives to take from the game. Just wish more people had stayed around to give the team the applause they so richly deserved.

Oh well done you, have a gold star!

If people can stay to boo why can't they stay to clap? I also fail to understand how people can buy a ticket and then leave 10-15 minutes from the end. Would they do this at the theatre or at the cinema? Bizarre really.

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