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Simple Poll - Happy with transfer window? No discussion...


Are you happy with our transfer business?  

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  1. 1. Are you happy with our transfer business?

    • Absolutely what I'd dreamed of in May!
    • Not amazing but certainly a very good window
    • Average. A bit flat really....
    • Poor, very poor - what are we playing at?!

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No players of any real quality with the exception of downing maybe.

delph may well become quality but we will have to wait and see if he can cut it at this level.

Pleased the squad has been padded out but dissapointed with the level of quality.

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ive said it before.. i think mon like a small pool of players, call it old school management i dont know. however the question is have we replaced barry/laursen this summer? for me ,no, has mon invested in the squad? yes, when downing gets fit he will add some genuine quality at the right time of the year, its not been said before but "when delph has played its been in 4-4-2,when mon selects delph in 4-5-1 we will see the best of him"

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Not amazing but certainly a very good window

Have sorted out our leftback and rightback positions. Once Dunne signs then that will be a solid backline, don't think we could have done better in CB positions TBH.

Have signed a real quality player in Downing although he's injured at the moment and signed a very talented kid who everyone rates highly.

Would have loved us to sign someone like Van der Vaart, but nevermind, I am looking forward to the rest of the season.

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Option 2 for me.

It's not as though we could have offered Champions league footy is it, we can't even offer Europe now FFS, so how are we going to attract the billy big time players that we all want.

Either way, when the team's fully fit and hopefully playing well, I believe that they'll do a good enough job this season and suprise the doom merchants.

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Poor, very poor, what are we playing at?????????? No Hangeland :cry: , no Upson, no Naughton, no Van Der Vaart, no Defour, No Vagner Love, no Tuncay, no-one rang me on my mobile to offer me a 100,000 a week contract. :cry: Better stick to the music. 8)

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IMO a lot of people view the transfer window like some sort of additional festive style entertainment, and consequently can have 'good', 'flat' or 'exciting ' ones. For many years - probably until the specific window, sky, and internet boards combined - it was just a club business thing. Viewed at like that I think the club has done pretty much what it needed, added to the squad with some real quality (Delph, Dunne ?, and Downing) and some other players who will do well for us, whilst at the same time not doing stupid redknapp like things like splashing 2 years cash on overpriced players or (to coin the appaling new phrase) 'marquee' players to keep certain fans happy.

I thought we'd break the top 4 last year, and believe the same this year with the additions we've made.

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I am satisfied. A good solid summers business, not flat, not very good, just good enough.

We have added much needed experience plus a couple of players (Delph, Downing) that have the potential to really improve the first team. We also now have fullbacks that can offer a bit in attack, which should add an extra dimension to our play. On the downside we have lost the best CM and best CH we've have had for the last 10 years. We have made a step forward all in all.

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Overall - not impressed, only thing that has been adressed is the number of players we now have. The other main area 'quality' has not. Its good in a sence that we now have players to fill in if we get a few injuries but none of them are going to set the field on fire with their 'footballing ability'.

Its all well now having the numbers but who is going to take the game to other teams when Young is double teamed???????

Would like to of seen Kranjcar especially as he went for 2 mil, defo missed the boat on that one, proven quality international who can actually play, go figure?

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Not amazing but certainly very good.

Im well chuffed with the numbers, and the general quality of all our signings.







6 good players, 2 of them with the potential to be top quality (Delph and Downing), 2 to fill out the squad (Beye, Collins) and 2 to stengthen the first 11 (Warnock and Dunne).

We were only a good striker away from having probably the best summer window I can remember. Collins and Dunne are very clever buys, both leaders, both no-nonsense blood and guts defenders who will add what we have been missing at the back, i.e Leadership and Steel.

We now have more options in midfield, espiecially once Downing is fit. Cant wait to see some of the different combinations we can now come up with.

We now have the season ahead of us to judge what this team really needs to push on and secure the objectives of our 5 year plan. Way too many unanswered questions in our squad before we spend more than we already have. For instance:

1) Will Gabby step it up, can he keep improving?

2) Can the Fonz make the grade?

3) Will Heskey prove an assett? Will this be his only full season with us before he drops down a level at the end of the season when he is what, 32-33?

4)Will Carew sort out his consistancy issues?

For me, if we are on a limited budget, I imagine MON wants a better idea of the answers to those questions before spending big bucks on a new striker....

5) Can Sidwell re-capture his Reading form?

6) Can Reo keep the level he has now found?

7) Can Petrov perform well enough without Barry next to him?

8 Will Bannan keep improving?

9) Will Albrington keep improving?

10) Is Gardner happy to keep waiting for his chance, and can he make the step up?

For me, too many unknowns before he blows even more money on the midfield...

We should have the answer to the majority of those questions by this time next year. Yes I dont think we have done quite enough to trouble the top 4 like we did last year, but steadys the ship after the disastorous double wammy of Barry / Laursen leaving, and continues to lay strong foundations for the long term.

And with the defence, well with Lescott at 24 mill, and Hangelaand and Upson at 12-15 mill, I reckon 10-12mill for Dunne and Collins is a great bit of buisness.

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  • VT Supporter
Delph, Collins, Downing, Warnock and hopefully Dunne.

And Beye, forgot about him.

I'm happy enough.

The strange thing here is the main problem is of a defensive nature, so the WOW factor was always going to be difficult.

if these guys can keep clean sheets, we will all be happy.

reminds me of Ron Saunders type signings so i have to say i am prepared to wait and see.

If Richard Dunne does sign and he can reproduce form from previous years, where he looked awesome at times... i will be happy.

we need a stopper and that what he is.

James Collins ...haven't a clue.

Warnock... have it on good authority from a mate who is a Blackburn fan, that Warnock is a good player, judging by the length of my mates face when he was telling me , I tend to believe him.

Beye ...is still settlling in and getting to know his team mates.... seemed a little confused on Sunday at times.

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Its almost impossible to answer this straight forward.

Was it a good transfer window in terms of bringing in quality players to improve our team and push forward for a higher place in the leauge? Absolutely not IMO, from that respect its border line disaster. At best we have an injured bit of quality in downing and a prospect in delph. The others are by and large so-so samey to what we already have.

Have we solved the issues of not having enough players once we get injury? Yes, this makes it a good transfer window for that respect. There are possibilities now to put some of our younger players who could be good under pressure to step up and perform which we havnt had before.

I draw my positives from other things, the last two performances are demonstrating that we arnt quite over yet and shows signs of players from our current squad upping there game.

I'm quite happy to see what Martin does now, if he sharpens up on a few of my pet hates about him such as tactics and changes. If he starts playing those who are in form and giving some bench time to those who arnt playing well (something we are looking like we can afford to do as a result of this window - another positive) then there are certainly things to be happy about.

My point is this window is very bad and very good for different reasons but there are signs that contrary to what I was sure of before the window, the window isnt the be all and end all.

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Not amazing but very good.

I think we are a very good ST/FW short of it being an excellent window.

But that said we look alot stronger in terms of stregth in depth than last season with + 3 defenders and + 2 midfielders (including Albrighton and Clark who imo are worthy of inclusion).

Losing Barry will help us re-shape midfield for the better and Delph, Downing & Albrighton bring alot to the table.

At the back we wont be shifting players around. 5 centre backs, 2 right backs and 3 left backs....happy days. The Laursen replacement maybe isnt there, depends on who you listen to regarding Dunne, but overall that defence looks alot more capable of going through a long season.

And Reo-Coker is back in central midfield. Oh yes :D

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