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Quick Poll : what kind of supporter/fan are you ?


what kind of supporter/fan are you ?  

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  1. 1. what kind of supporter/fan are you ?

    • season ticket holder
    • regular match attender, say 12+ a season
    • go maybe 5 times a season
    • don't go at all, bit of an armchair fan

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Attend about 15+ per season, including away games. Held a season ticket a few years back (using my student loan), yet haven't been able to afford one since. Hopefully I will get a well paid job soon and will be able to afford one. The train down their alone is £30, so it's not a cheap day out.

I do still try to go whenever I can though. Usually to about 12 home games and at least four away games per season. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Basically, I go whenever I can afford to go.

Been to the Wigan and Liverpool matches so far this season, so not a bad start. :D

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Season Ticket and Cup Scheme.

Sometimes see me at away games.

However, with my other interests, I am a consumer and for the fee I pay, I expect a shit load of passion and toil from the players (like last night) and a modicum of entertainment. 'I don't mind' losing to Wigan if at least we show some effort...

Liverpool last night was a fantastic step in the right direction - but take off the blinkers. There is still work to be done before next week.

UP THE VILLA (may the force be with you) - Always.

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Work late shifts and most weekends these days, so dont get to go as much as i would like. Maybe 3 or 4 games a season, season ticket holder a few years back when i was in the navy and used to go home and away whenever possible. Would love to be able to go but just dont get the opportunity. UTV

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At the moment i am very limired due to moving etc but once i got travel issues sorted i,ll be back to 12+ a season !

I,d say at the moment due to finding work etc after moving its just so tough :(

I miss my hallowed ground and the piss up before hand :D

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none of the above?

Suppose i'd be classed as an armchair supporter - but I live in Ireland!

I get over once or twice a year and I'd love to be in a position to hold a season ticket.

Up the Villa

This, although from Sweden, but still the same situation. Find it hard to be labelled armchair fan, though. :P

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