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EL: Rapid Vienna (a) - Ratings and reactions.


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I think we were very poor.

Hopefully, we'll be a lot better when Carew and Downing are fit. We should have one or two more defenders in soon, too.

For these reasons, I certainly won't be one of those calling for MON's head, although I do think something seems to have changed. It appears - so early in the season, too - that we have no drive, desire or determination. There's time left though, so I just hope we can change it around. At the moment though, I'm not too optimistic, and see a potentially very mediocre season ahead.

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Martin O'Neill has so much to fix, and I really don't see how he can do it before the transfer window ends,

The facts of the matter that with the exception of Craig Gardner the starting XI were Martin O'Neill's Signings and most of them are terrible, Heskey, Sidwell, Shorey, Beye, Davies, all awful.

Not really that optimistic for this season.

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Fearing we are the new Tottenham (great pre season and rubbish start of season).


Guzan 6 Couldn't do anything to save the goal

Beye 6 Decent match

Cuellar 6 Our best defender

Davies 4 Take a looooong break, son

Shorey 6 Was good, until I commented it in the match thread, then the passes went everywhere

Milner 5 Poor deliveries, poor tactical choices - worked hard, though

Sidwell 5 Who?

Gardner 4 Bad passes, clumsy, takes to much time when he has the ball

Reo Coker 7 Best of the bad bunch

Young 5 And that is because he finished better than he started

Heskey 5 Is having too few finishes at goal

Gabby 5.5 started brightly, but hopeless when he did not play Milner

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Just come in. Final score?

We lost to a goal scored after 16 seconds.

Can't rate anyone as I only listened on the radio, but I will make a few points.

1. Selling Zat Knight was a huge mistake.

2. We are so desperately needing a decent striker

3. The Carew situation - it's starting to stink like an unwashed SHA fan

I am now officially worried about our team, and our manager's perceived lack of a Plan B/C/D in the transfer market.

Eleven days of the window left and we still need 4 players at the very least.

It's **** unreal

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Rubbish but not as rubbish as against Wigan.

Rapid don't travel well apparently but then we're crap at home. Not looking good for Anfield although we were shite before our trip to Old Trafford and put in a good performance (still lost). It's difficult to put a good spin on this.

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We had no killer instinct tonight and I thought we looked awful defensively especially the full backs.

I was impressed with Sidwell at some points in the game and the changes in formation especially in the centre of midfield looked a little better although Coker and Sidwell made a few mistakes and there is still room for improvement. I still have faith in Villa but they have reacted slow to cirumstances such as Barry and Laursen. Whether MON is to blame for this I don't know but one might suspect this.

As for scoring and looking like scoring this was our biggest problem. I really think we have two very average strikers in Heskey and Agbonlahor who will struggle to score over 10 goals in the league this season each. We need re-inforcements if we are to achieve our goals and it is quite simple if we don't address this we will be in for a season of mediocrity. As bad as your defence is you must score goals as it takes the pressure off the team and it also gets you results and points on the board. If it was up to me I would pursue Upson like reported, I'd take Mark Noble from West Ham also, look at adding another striker but none spring to mind that would be available and possibly Warnock just not for £12 million. I have to be honest with myself and say dream-on because I don't think 4 signing will take place.

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simply a feeling of deflation.....

i cannot get my head around how an intelligent man like MON could ever put our season in such jeopardy as he has this summer....

i am his biggest defender but im struggling to see how he cant be blamed for the state of our performances at the moment....

in less than a week we could be bottom of the league after being stuffed by Plop and out of Europe.........

we were totally inept tonight

Guzan - 7 - did nothing wrong, couple of solid saves

Beye - 6 - got forward well unfortunately at times when Milner couldnt thread it through to him

Cuellar - 6 - buffoon like in his play, jumping too much in to tackles

Davies - 6 - see Cuellar, scarily similar in their cackness

Shorey - 7 - got forward well, our best defender, put some decent crosses in, put still displayed poor control and passing at times

Young - 4 - so much ability so little end product, petulant and turning into a whiny bitch, South Africa my arse

Milner - 7 - how can you criticise a man who as a winger is also at times your best defender, saved a certain goal with a block and got forward well also - a shining

light in our dire team.

Sidwell - 4 - offered nothing, doesnt tackle, doesnt get forward, cant pass, just rounds around half assed

Gardener - 4 - see Sidwell

NRC - 7 - he gets a 7 coz Milner aside he looked like the only guy who gave a shit, good vocally and ran his socks off, with petrov and delph beside him instead

of the turd that is Sidwell and Gardener he will thrive

Heskey - MONs bum boy, he was good at Leicester MON but FFS let it go, he's shit, he didnt even hold the ball up tonight with his poor touch letting him down,

will score 5 goals maxthis season and encourages long ball play...its MONs fault for playing him

MON - 1 - MON has the ability and potential to be the greatest manager to have ever bossed AVFC but for some reason he isnt giving himself that chance and he

seems intent on being the creator of his own downfall

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I thought Reo-Coker was one of our worst players tonight myself. I don't get what other people are seeing in his performances so far this season. Having drive and determination is no bloody use if you can't play football.

I would have liked to see Albrighton on for either Sidwell or Reo-Coker late on, putting Milner on the left and letting Young play off the front two. We just seemed to have no ideas at all.

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I am sorry but gardener is just not good enough, I thought he could make a solid right back but not centre midfield and lets not get started on shorey and heskey, Not one time in that match did he or anyone else look like scoring. :bang:

I am not panicing yet but why don't we try the team the played so well in the peace cup (albrighton,lichaj,bannan,lowry,clarke) can't do any worse.

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Martin O'Neill has so much to fix, and I really don't see how he can do it before the transfer window ends,

The facts of the matter that with the exception of Craig Gardner the starting XI were Martin O'Neill's Signings and most of them are terrible, Heskey, Sidwell, Shorey, Beye, Davies, all awful.

Not really that optimistic for this season.

Some of those signings weren't terrible, but what bothers me is that these players don't improve under O'Neill. Davies, Sidwell, Shorey. These are perhaps average players but all have or had potential. Yet has any of them improved since they got here? Ash went on a blinding streak for a while but now even he's come down from the peak.

Not gonna call for O'Neills head unless it's the end of the season and it's all gone pear-shaped. But it's looking ropey.

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Deflating, dispiriting, disappointing, depressed.

Guzan - 6 - not at afualt for goal, comfortable stops thereafter

beye 5

cuellae 4

davies 2

shorey 5

milner 5

reo coker 6

gardner 4

sidwell 3

ash young 2

heskey 3

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Thought we played with a lot of energy today, nobody stopped running and no heads dropped.

On the flip side we were clueless, no creativity totally incapable of making any chances even getting into the box. Poor once again, we need fresh blood and new ideas in the side and we needed them 6 weeks ago.

In terms of players Curtis Davies your number is truly up, Beye was ok when he was in his proper position. Young was shocking in the first half, better in the second. Shorey had one of his better games. All in all a bitter disappointment but on the bright side a certain poster who has been spewing hatred and rubbing everyone up the wrong way all summer finally appears to be gone. So at least this place might be a bit more bearable.

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