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Who Should Be Our Captain ?


Who should be our captain?  

166 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should be our captain?

    • Davies
    • L. Young
    • Petrov
    • Sidwell
    • NRC
    • Carew
    • Milner

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I can only conclude that the 25 people who voted for Petrov didn't watch the Malaga, Atlante, and Wigan game to see how painfully there was no leadership on the field. Also they must be unaware of his troubles with depression. How can you rely on someone to lead when they're prone to curl up in the foetal position when life gets tough(not maligning depression or anyone suffering from it but not an ideal problem for a leader to have).

I can only conclude you like making up things to provoke people into reacting (I suggest you read the new announcement). When exactly was Petrov suffering from depression? Was this diagnosed or did you make it up based on the fact he said he didn't have a very good time when he first got here because of all the fans on his back. To come back from that and be player of the year last year shows exactly why he's captain material, didn't give up and demand a transfer, got stuck in and rolled up his sleeves, came out a winner - captain material indeed

And please don't make up unsubstantiated rubbish about players suffering from psychiatric disorders

Maybe you should do a little research before accusing people of making things up and read your own rules, in Petrov's Book, Stan/ Petrov recounts his attempts to deal with his 'depression and frustration' by 'lying on the living room floor and beating the floorboards until my hands couldn't take any more..."

Thanks for the assist Jimi :winkold:

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