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Who Should Be Our Captain ?


Who should be our captain?  

166 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should be our captain?

    • Davies
    • L. Young
    • Petrov
    • Sidwell
    • NRC
    • Carew
    • Milner

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I was going to pick Captain Caveman,

but since he isn't on the list, i was forced to pick Luke Young.

Why? Favouritism and i think he would make a better leader than most,

he's likely to start every game and he's one our best players.

Though i think Carew would make a good captain aswell.

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NRC would make a very good leader, but for some reason he doesn't get many starting berths, so would be pointless to have him as captain.

As such I have said Carew, think if fit he will play and he has that talismatic effect on the crowd, which in turn would get the players going. He could be Martin Johnson...after all who would want to argue with him?

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We have no outstanding canddates for captain. The only real leader seems to be NRC, but he's not a good enough footballer to guarantee him a starting birth every week and therefore unsuitable as captain. If you put a gun to my head, I'd say Petrov, but he's the best of a bad bunch.

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NRC Captain? I'm sorry but why? What on earth does he have that is captain material?

He's a bull in a china shop, he's all effort, little intelligence and very little end product, seems to have exactly the wrong attributes for captain

He's not good enough to be in the first team imo so how he can even be an option is beyond me

For me it has to be Petrov

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funny how after one game people start voting for nrc, whereas before the season started petrov would have easily won this poll.

petrov for me definitely, he's our most consistent player and is a talker on the pitch.

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So Reo-Coker, the scapegoat of 2007, now you want him to be captain?

Don't get me wrong, I rate Reo-Coker. he's very good at what he does. It's the things he can't do that are keeping him out of the side, like pass the ball 5 yards.

The obvious choice was Petrov. It still is Petrov.

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