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Who Should Be Our Captain ?


Who should be our captain?  

166 members have voted

  1. 1. Who should be our captain?

    • Davies
    • L. Young
    • Petrov
    • Sidwell
    • NRC
    • Carew
    • Milner

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Before the Wigan game this thread would have easily favoured Petrov.

I still think caveman would have had a good shout!

we could have done with his leadership, never say die attitude and element of chaotic surprise out there on saturday ....

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NRC without a doubt - and he should be the joint 1st on the team sheet every week along with Carew, but I think its only the manager who cant see this.

He isnt Kaka , but every team including the top 4 have a Nige in their side , whether it be Scholes, Essien (before Makalele) etc...

Yes he isnt the best passer of the ball, but nor was Boateng, nor was Des Bremner, nor was Townsend - but they were all 100% leaders.

In fact, in Townsends case, he became twice the player he was ,when he was made captain!


The only bit I disagree with Paul is where you say everyone but the manager can see it. NRC has his detractors, mainly because of his lack of passing ability.

We wouldn't see limp, gutless performances with NRC as captain IMO.

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How about Captain Jack, because we'd all like to get high tonight after Saturday's performance.

Seriously, though, I think it should be John Carew. But that would require MON acknowledging the fact that he's the best striker we have and putting him in the starting XI every week.

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After seeing his performance pre-season I say start Baby Brad and give him the armband. The way he barked out orders and encouragement, organised us defensively pre-season we actually looked a decent outfit.

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NRC every time. Just like Laursen he puts his body on the line and gives total commitment. He is also the biggest talker that we have and plays slap bang in the position I want to see my captain in - DCM. Yes, he is never going to be Ronaldo or Messi but you need a mix of players in a team and we need what Nigel brings massively at the minute.

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**** me is there anything right with our club?

So what are you saying ? Petrov is the leading type ? Because if you think that then your deluded.

All comes down to favourtism ffs he was shite for 3 years.

Shocking to think hes a leader

Completly agree ! For me Sids is a far better player, and maybe could wear the armband as well !

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I believe our captain for this season will be either

Matthew Upson

Richard Dunne


Sylvain Distin

All far better leaders than what we have ... including NRC

Upson ? Dunne ? My god, are these two any better than what we have got ? i dont think so !!

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