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PL: Wigan h 2009/08/15 Ratings and Reactions


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a lot of fans are turning on MON, another frustrating transfer window followed up by being totally outclassed by **** wigan! i really thought he would do the business this summer, finally build on what hes done so far and get some quality players. he hasnt done that so far and that is shocking. some serious questions need answering

i havent got a problem with 442, but if you are playing a team who play 5 in midfield you have to have the right players in that midfield. NRC should have played because he has the energy the drive and the tackling. playing petrov who has just dislocated his shoulder was stupid, as was partnering him with a young kid making his premier league debut. it was clear with wigan running right through us that it needed changing, but he didnt and when the change came it was "cant run" sidwell.

defence was shocking, but as with last season part of the problem was no protection from midfield.

yet again we did not keep the ball, it was just lump it up to heskey or cross into the box. problem is this is wigan who have scharner and bramble, players who love that style. nothing creative came from the middle of the park. to many players running with the ball and not passing


friedal- some good saves kept us in it.

beye- average

cuellar- after seeing him in pre season i thought this is going to be his year, but it was not the best of

starts. i dont think he works with davies and some of his passing out defence was crap

davies- shouldnt be playing. it was clear last season that with his shoulder injury his performances dipped dramatically. he has the ability but MON is ruining him by playing him with a bad shoulder.

shorey- awful, set up rodellaga perfectly for his goal, and nearly did the same minutes later.

petrov- normally would be the first name on the teamsheet, but not after just dislocating a shoulder and missing a lot of preseason. was clearly not up to speed and in a 442 you cant have that. NRC should have started

delph- did ok considering how poor his more experienced teammates were. looks comfortable on the ball and can pass well. needs to stop silly tackles though.

milner- worked hard as usual, had a good shot saved by kirkland.

young- too selfish today, yes he has ability and can beat players, but not all the time. there were so many times when he could have passed into a good position but gave it away by trying to hard to take on 3 men.

heskey- tried but was beaten in the air all the time by bramble and scharner

gabby- same as heskey, what is the point of hitting it long to him against wigans CBs? yet again we fail to use him effectively.

sidwell- no real impact and somehow missed a free header from 10 yards- didnt even get it on target.

albrighton- not on long, but didnt look fazed. showed a couple of nice passes and crosses

delfouneso- not on long enough.

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Arguably the worst 60 mins of football I've seen under O'Neill ( from 15mins in to around 75 mins ).

Totally inept, couldn't retain possession and looked like a bag of nerves at the back.

Shorey is simply not good enough and for me Cuellar and Davies will never make a Premiership defensive pairing as neither of them are commanding enough and can't organise those around them.

Major action needs taking defensively. I think O'Neill knew that before today and if he didn't he certainly does now.

Going forward Ash is turning into a show pony wanting to beat a man two or three times instead of whipping the ball in early.

Massive two weeks ahead in terms of bringing 2 or 3 experienced heads in, especially a defensive leader.

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Shockingly bad performance, after the first 15 minutes of nervous energy we were clueless in most areas.

Their first goal had been on the cards for about 10 minutes previously and we just couldn't get control of the game in the middle of the park. Tactically we were set up wrong, but the worst part for me was the lack of fight shown, we seemed to accept defeat too easily for my liking ...

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Well I'm sorry but we could see that those defenders weren't good enough last season and yet 3 out of 4 of them are still playing and Beye wasn't much better either. There was not ONE single positive from that game at all.

It was to sum up, absolute garbage.

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On the train back from the match now. I am feeling extremely frustrated. There were no positives to take from that match whatsoever. Everything was lacking. The defence was all over the place and the midfield lacked creativity. The forwards did nothing of note aswell.

It looks like we have continued with our lack of form fromthe back end of last season. Leaving massive gaps between defence and midfield continues to be a major issue. Lacking a solid cb and a goalscorer completes whatis wrong.

I just hope we can sort it out fast. UTV!

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  • VT Supporter

Ash is of course a huge talent, no denying that but he has a few aspects of his game that drive me mad. Why on earth did he try to take on all 3 that were marking him today?? He keeps blatently diving and it seems at least once a game he gets a life threatening injury and looks totally pole axed only for him to be running around again within 60 seconds.

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Any quotes / feedback from MON yet? I'm very interested to know what he thinks about todays game.

This was on the BBC

1722: Aston Villa boss Martin O'Neill after his side's defeat by Wigan: "We started pretty well and when Wigan scored it knocked us back more than it should have done. I thought Wigan played very well. We are a lot better than that - we know that and have to do something about it."

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Woeful, Inept, Clueless and that's just MON. Sort it out FFS - you've had all summer!! We lost to the better team (I was very impressed by Wigan) but we were truly awful. Our team cost around £60m+ today, Wigan cost about £20m (ish). MON has spent cash very badly and needs to sort it out. Imagine what David Moyes could do here with some serious cash...

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Ash is of course a huge talent, no denying that but he has a few aspects of his game that drive me mad. Why on earth did he try to take on all 3 that were marking him today?? He keeps blatently diving and it seems at least once a game he gets a life threatening injury and looks totally pole axed only for him to be running around again within 60 seconds.

I cant blame Young,at the end of the day MON's system involves getting the ball to young,i know it you know and every team in the prem.knows it.We have to play 451 and have two wide threats.

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I know MON is the manager but who does most of the tactical training? If it is MON then he really needs to stick to motivating players and get someone else in. Our players have not got a clue about playing the ball on the ground. To do that you need at least 3 players asking for the ball in an area where they can receive it.

Towards the end of last season and certainly today we were lucky to have one player looking to receive a pass. We went back to looping the ball up to the front two who were out played.

If Robbo does the tactical coaching then MON needs to not worry about his friendship and bring in someone new. MON, I'll work for free and get the players supporting one another in a way they should in less than a fortnight.

Send me pm and I'll fly back home. Razz

*Sorry about original post; didn't think it needed to go in here as it was a new quesion.*

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Well what a rubbish performance. We got what we deserved. Delph got a baptism of fire. There is no protection for him and we're too open in the midfield. There's acres between him Petrov and Young.

Ashley Young was crap he just tried to take 3 or 4 players on and fall over gifting the other team possession.

The defence are absolutely sheight. Cuellar is a headless chiicken and Curtis Davies would struggle in the championship.

And Shorey. I can't believe he's still at the club. Can't believe Carew didn't start or come off the bench.

Agbonlahor? was he on the pitch? forget about south africa mate. mind you in his defence some of the balls he gets played are an utter joke. Petrov could of easily dinked one round the corner for him to turn and chase but instead played it right to his feet with his back to goal and defender right up his trumpet.

The only good thing about this result is it might crow bar the lock off randy lerners wallet and force O'Neill into a couple of panic buys. Upson and Haagaland.

Davies and Cuellar are a strikers dream ticket.

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