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Where do you lot think we will finish up this season


Where will we end up this Season  

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  1. 1. Where will we end up this Season

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Well apart from the West Ham bit - which I think has surprised everyone this year - I got it about as spot on as I could (so far)

Maybe I don't talk the b......x some think I do - I just see the truth

Gloat, Gloat :D

Um, you're gloating because we are doing worse than last year and you were right about it?

Is that a good thing to do?

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You are gloating because we are in danger of slipping down the table and you pessimistically, as usual, predicted it.

Is that anything to really be proud of?

Oh and just to remind you, we have not slipped down anywhere yet. We could well still finish fourth for god sake it's not mathematically impossible

Oh and for the record I think we will finish 6th.

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Because mate I see the truth. I don't see that "Harry is a candleface" and "Bruce is a potato head" and all other 10yr old crap like that.

I see Spurs with one hell of a side. Remember we gave them 25 point head start last year. They also lost Defoe one week into his return. Spurs are a top quality side, so much so that half this board want theie "cast offs".

Sunderland - you look at the name, I'll look at what they are building. Cattermole - superb player, just as good as Milner , just playing for Wigan so didnt get credit - Bent - don't get me started !

I see in Zola, a guy that when he had got the players playing in his style were a very good football side, so much so that he was being tipped with a return to Chelsea if Ancelotti wasn't released.

And who is to say Fulham wont do it again - have you forgot them. And Viduka will give them a different dimension.

I still hope we will be 3rd in February - of course I do, however we were bloody close to being out the top 10 this year - can't remember the exact total but it was around 10 points- thats 4 games. That is as close as 4 last minute goals against Everton, Hull, Blues and Arsenal.

Over the last season people on here have turned into the people they dispise most - you here it all the time "SPurs fans, thhey make you laugh, they think they have the divine right to be successful" - now, some Villa fans think we only have to turn up to get top 6 !.

Its easier to understand your constant negativism reading this prediction for our season. I've never read a "supporter" so negative about their club.

What's baffling is that you are not over the moon with our current season given this is what you expected?

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