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PL: Wigan h 2009/08/15 Match Thread


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Why is it amazing ?

Davies and Cueller are lumbersome , they have bought a powerful quick forward.

Yes they have lost cattermole, but we have lost Barry and maybe even Petrov for tomorrow - so that evens itself up. I also rate Martinez very highly and was actually looking forward to seeing how Swansea did before he went - and their players will be trying to prove a point to him.

As just said, we haven't beaten them for 4 yrs - so why is it amazing I am worried ?

Sorry mate but I don't share your enthusiasm for this season - sorry you don;t agree but their it is. I see a back four that with the exception of Luke Young for Beye (which arguably makes us weaker) was absolutely tore apart last season and god forbid if it is still the back 4 for next week because we were lucky to get away with 5 in March !.

Well to be honest, last year we might not beat of them, but let's be honest 9 times out of 10, it would of been 3/4-0.....woodwork was hit 3 times and off the line 4 times.....that was a freak game. They have an unproven premiership manager with some unproven premiership players.

Not really enthusiasm? If we can't beat Wigan at home because we're not good enough and simply because of those reasons then we could be in for a season of battling relegation is basically what your saying. Wigan last year won something like 2/3 games after January, which is as bad as us, after they lost Heskey and Palacios and they've lost Zaki, Mido, Cattermole also since then and haven't added geniune quality at all.

I mean our defence isn't brilliant no, not at all but nor is there's and nor is there strikers or defence. I know you say Jason Scotland, but what's he proved? that he can score 17/18 goals in the Championship? It's hardly a striker we should be worried about, we'll be facing far better players all season.

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and your paragrpah is exactly the reason I am going for a high scoring draw - coz they are two poor defences, with two forwards on each team that can get through them.

Therefore, I expect them to score two against us. If Carew and Gabby have a day like last year - it will be 2-0 or 2-1 - if they have a day we know they can - 2-2

Seems quite sensible to me !

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Bloody ell the consumption I get from the recent posts is that we're going down.

We've got a crap team and a crap manager though so I guess its inevitable, oh how I wish we could be like spurs and newcastle... :lol:

Oh I'm going for a 2-0 Villa win, goals from Heskey and... NRC :o

If NRC scores i'l post a picture of my.........................maybe not.

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I reckon we'll be down by one at the half, but our class will tell and by the 65th minute we'll be 2-1 up and take it home from there.

2-1 with Milner and Gabby on the score sheet. There'll be plenty to leave us worried, but also excited.

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Bloody ell the consumption I get from the recent posts is that ...
Let me assure you that it is most unlikely that anyone has ever got consumption from reading posts on VT. Lockjaw maybe...


Young (L) or Beye, Cuéllar, Davies, Shorey

Milner, Petrov, NRC, Delph, Young (A)


Carew to come on for Heskey just after half time.

Albrighton to come on as soon as Mr O'Neill pleases. Or better still, before.

Bannan to come on and take the piss 15 minutes from the end.

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I'd go





----------Big Bad John-------

I think the side will be

------------Big Brad-----------




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I feel like a child on Christmas day ! Heading down the pub at 12, the clock is going in slow motion.

Think today we'll go with ( no point putting the back 5 )



I'd like to see



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