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Away Fans

Do we...  

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  1. 1. Do we...

    • Allow away fans?
    • Not allow away fans (except WHMNG?)

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A poll, I know.

It seems I can't do right. If I don't allow away fans (my own personal choice) then I get PMs asking for away fans to be allowed onto this site, if I do allow them we get threads about their teams and complaints that it should only be a VIlla fans site.

So what do I do?

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Guest RantinRob

Ooh, another lovely poll.

Leave 'em on - if they act like cocks, we can abuse 'em and you can ban 'em.

Except small heath..............don't want that scum on here thanks very much

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Who died and made you king of the world? :wink:

I don't know John, I'm undecided.

Obviously we can't have a situation where we get the morons from other clubs, but then again they can be chucked off anyway.

The legitimate fans can be interesting to talk to, but then again we can't have threads about their clubs on the VT board.

Maybe it could be sorted out by adding something into the guidelines about away fans only being allowed in a week before we play them, to talk about that match only on the VT board. If they want a deep discussion about their own club, they have their own sites to do it on. Then again, maybe if it's allowed within the guidelines we could talk about their clubs on the OT board? Obviously offenders can be chucked off.

I just don't know to be honest, the thing that keeps popping up in my mind is that although I love talking footy with pretty much anyone, this is VILLA Talk.

Oh God I'm gonna have a sleepless night over this.

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Guest RantinRob
No idea mate. Never heard from him, but if he's some Blue Nose cnut, ho decides to post on YOUR message board, like the Tittscum clearings in the woods who do on OURS, then i'd happily saw off his testicles with a rusty knife for you.

No, you Cockney Plonkahhhhhh

small heath the team (you might know them as B**min*ham C*t*)

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