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Starts in about forty minutes on your TV box.

Brick is a great little film and a good start for a first film, funded alot by himself the director.

Good mystery with a great atmosphere.

If you enjoyed it his second film is due soon

I was looking at that last night Jez, looks an interesting project if an odd departure. I'm hopeful but I think it might prove an anti-climax.

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Not sure if anybody has said this yet (because the search function doesn't seem to want to work for me) but...

I saw Frost/Nixon the other day and was very impressed.Well worth a watch, even if you're more into guns and stuff blowing up - because the acting is aces.

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If it hasn't been mentioned yet, I recommend Pineapple Express. Don't think I've laughed so hard at a film in years.

Watched this the other night and to be honest I was very disappointed - it started well but then went very wrong and ended up a right mess...

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LA Confidential

Empire of the Sun

Once Upon a Time in America

40 Year Old Virgin

Little Miss Sunshine

Pan's Labrynth

The Shawshank Redemption

Bourne Identity (plus the rest of the trilogy)

Donnie Darko

Rear Window

Think that is quite a good mixture of films. I could go on forever, but this should get you started. These films are all great in my opinion and each one is worth a watch. :D

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