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The Film Thread

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5 hours ago, Warnock said:

Anybody else seen The Hateful Eight yet? Thought it was quite good myself.

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Not much action mind - which is unfortunately the main reason it's getting bad reviews.


Yeah, saw it earlier, I thought it was very good.

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1 minute ago, rjw63 said:

Watched Wolf of Wall Street for the first time last night. Great stuff. **** but there was some clunge on show...very nice :)

we went the cinema to watch it and if im honest weren't fussed about seeing it but yeah what a film.

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Pretty average and Neeson sleepwalked his way through it. He must be getting tired of appearing in 50% of all the action movies made every year!


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On 29 December 2015 at 19:10, V01 said:

Watched Creed and Spectre last night.

Creed was surprisingly good, not the best Rocky film by any stretch but also far from the worst.


Spectre was good, it just didn't feel like a Bond film. Monica Bellucci is still mighty fine.


Creed really? I turned it off just before the fight. 

More like a love story than a Rocky film. 

The Revenant, Legend, Bridge of spies and In the heart of the sea best I've seen of late.

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Creed was surprisingly good. Sure, it is unrealistic, dated, and Tony Bellew and Goodison Park are jarring as hell, but it plays with the genre well and does what Abrams failed to do with Star Wars: use the framework of the original and do something fresh with it.

Also good to see Wallace doing well.

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On 08/01/2016 at 18:17, villa4europe said:

Anyone seen that new banking crash film with the big ensemble cast with the likes of Pitt and bale in it?

Saw it was up for a few baftas earlier, I missed that one

Pretty decent.

Bale's performance was good though I liked Carell's more. Brad Pitt deserves a nod for doing his best Robert Redford.

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