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6 Nations (Poll added. Who will win the big game?)


Pick one  

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  1. 1. Pick one

    • Ireland to win the match and take the Grand Slam
    • Wales win by less than 13pts. Ireland take the title.
    • Wales win by 13 or more and win the title

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I am in the unhappy seat of looking for an ingerland victory, for two reasons:

1) To shut up those who can't understand magnanimous in victory; and

2) To see all the papers talking up an ingerlish grand slam.

Despite that, martin johnson == cock.

And I've bunged a few quid on at 7/2

Cummon Ingerland

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I'm in a Welsh town.

I'm probably gonna head into town in a bit to catch the match with some friends in a pub, one of which is Scottish.

I hope we win, but the fall out from an England win here would probably be worse than the pisstaking from the Welsh who seem to have in built 'Not from the Valleys' radar. Plus the wins pretty bloody unlikely.

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Not watching it, as I can't, but I don't think we should get carried away yet, it is a good welsh side, lets see what happens...

That said - SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT.... I hope these guys now have the winning mentality of the English 7's side that came back from 15-0 down against New Zealand and beat them 17-15.... sweet sweet day!!!

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