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6 Nations (Poll added. Who will win the big game?)

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  1. 1. Pick one

    • Ireland to win the match and take the Grand Slam
    • Wales win by less than 13pts. Ireland take the title.
    • Wales win by 13 or more and win the title

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Perfect example of why the video referee pisses me off. Its reached the point where the referee is shit scared to make any kind of decision and refers even the most straightforward awarding of a try to the video for fear of trial by Sky Sports News. You know the same thing will happen in football when they eventually bring the Video Ref in there too. :(

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Guest Ricardomeister

A poor Wales team beat a poor Italy team and then a poor Ireland team beat a poor Scotland team. This year has been a very dull championship with 4 very average teams and 2 very poor teams.

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I totally agree Nays, the ref had absolutely no need to refer that, it was obviously a try

That's also what happened when the NFL first tried instant replay in the late 80s (a system where a video ref decided whether a review was warranted). The challenge-based system now in use recitifies that issue.

The difficulty with applying a challenge-based system to football is finding a resource that can be "wagered" by a side that's sufficiently valuable to prevent spurious challenges (and give the referee the knowledge that most of his calls will go unchallenged and thus he can't referee on a basis where his calls will be overruled if necessary) but not so valuable that it's rarely worth it to challenge. I think that a booking the player who challenges the ref for dissent is probably the most reasonable cost for the challenger (perhaps with a successful challenge resulting in the rescinding of the card; I'm also not sure whether such bookings should be cumulative for suspension purposes).

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