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James Milner - little known facts

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James Milner invented the paperclip and the non stick spatula

James Milner once made Chuck Norris cry just by smiling at his pet tortoise

James Milner sweats pure activia bio youghurt

on the fifth solstice James Milner will revert to the form of a wounded snow leopard on a sacred quest for the perfect bacon maize snack, the frazzle of destiny.

James Milner is so fast on the wing he once nutmegged himself and sold himself a dummy which he then went back in time and gave the dummy to himself as a four year old child

James Milner is also a language spoken by ancient mayans and some Belgians.

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This 'snow' storm we've been having was actually caused by James Milner ripping up cushions and the stuffing flying everywhere.

"But that would take millions of cushions" I hear you cry. It did. James Milner HATES cushions.

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