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James Milner - little known facts

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James Milner doesn't do Christmas Eve or Christmas day, he is currently jogging down to the Arsenal ground as a warn up for the game on Boxing day.

James Milner is such a gifted footballer, he ignores the fixture list and plays the game, alone, a day before.

And Arsenal still lose, even though they aren't there.


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Hitler hung himself based on the knowledge that James Milners great-grandmother had been born...

64 is rather young to be the great-grandmother of a man in his early twenties.

I can't help but worry you are underestimating the Milner family...
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On that fateful night in Paris when Princess Di lost her life in that tunnel it was widely reported that the car driven by Henry Paul hit a concrete pillar yet the real truth of the matter was covered up for fear of causing wide spread public panic.

The reality is that the limo hit James Milner who was enjoying a summer vacation with Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen, the impact was so heavy that Milner is believed to have said "ouch I think I've just been stung by something" leading to the cover up.

I found it funny but Harry and the other one are villa fans :(

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