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James Milner - little known facts


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dont ever sell james milner, he doesnt like that. being sold makes him angry.

any club that ever sells him gets immediately cursed and falls from the footballing hierarchy into financial meltdown, relegation and finally oblivion

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1) James Milner knows all the numbers in existence

2) James Milner was born fully grown down a mine in Yorkshire where he was raised on Yorkshire puddings instead of breast milk

3) James Milner doesn't need teeth

4) James Milner invented gravity

5) James Milner redisnged the United States economy after the Wall Street crash in the 1920's

6) James Milner is not to blame for Global Wrming

7) James Milner has a pet Tazmanian Devil called 'James Milner'

8) James Milner eats chalk

9) James Milners boots are made of wood

10) James Milner once ran up and down Mount Rushmore as part of pre-season training

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James Milner was initially selected to play Billy Elliot in the 2000 film of the same name, but declined to role to concentrate on completing his special edition Star Wars Tazos collection.

Despite this he is yet to find Boba Fett, the only Tazo missing from his collection.

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