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'Respect' campaign a success?


Has the 'Respect campaign been successful so far?  

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  1. 1. Has the 'Respect campaign been successful so far?

    • Yes it has
    • Yes, but not enough
    • No, I think it needs to be reviewed
    • No, it's pointless really nothing has changed

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Wasn't sure i saw a post looking over the season so far to see peoples views of how the campaign is going, please remove mods if i havent done this right.

Some questions i think we should ask as fans to ourselves, our teams, the FA and the Premier League:

'Respect' campaign can it be called successful yet?

Was and is it the correct idea for the FA to introduce the campaign as an attempt to make officials jobs easier ?

It is just over half way through the season and what can be perceived by fans and clubs as being successful so far, if anything?

Do you think all clubs have adhered to the idea the campaign has set, and what punishments should be introduced to ensure this is enforced?

Last question... can this campaign be made any more successful than it is, and any suggestions on how this can be done?

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Wayne Rooney, a week ago, screaming at the linesman.

An example of why it hasn't done a thing. Yup in that case the officials were wrong, but it's not very respectful is it? It won't happen, because refs won't be given the backing to say to anyone (no matter who they are) that they will be carded/reprimanded, whatever, for having a go at the refs, because a few clubs have too much power.

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