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Post Holiday Letdown...


Are you experiencing Post Holiday Let Down?  

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  1. 1. Are you experiencing Post Holiday Let Down?

    • Yes, I am not enjoying being back into my routine.
    • No, I am happy Christmas & New Year are over.

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I've been on a right downer since the turn of the year. Split with my fiance (who i proposed to last xmas day) in the middle of last year. Was ok al over xmas - drinking copious ammounts probably helped! But since New Years Eve etc. i've been pretty down in the dumps!! I'm putting it down to the fact that it was my first xmas in a few without her, feeling skint and going back to work.

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I'm glad it's over because it's a new year, I've had the best news, got rid of the dead wood, and I'm moving onwards and upwards. I'm unstoppable right now, I've nearly clocked up and extra days TOIL too in 4 days, I might carry on like this and have the summer off :D


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