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Top Villan of 2008?

Choose your top Villan of 2008  

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  1. 1. Choose your top Villan of 2008

    • Wilfred Bouma
    • Curtis Davies
    • Martin Laursen
    • Gareth Barry
    • Nigel Reo-Coker
    • Ashley Young
    • John Carew
    • Gabriel Agbonlahor
    • Other - please specify

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Gabriel Agbonlahor has really stepped up, Martin Laursen solid as ever, Ashley Young doing some fine stuff and then we have Stiliyan Petrov who has also done quite well.

1. Gabby (Important goals and great composure - we aren't missing Carew - just look at our recent form)

2. Laursen (Gives the kind of stature to our defensive unit that only top players like Rio and Terry could do)

3. Young (Our best player if you ask me and is only getting better - although his crossing has been variable)

4. Petrov (Though someone should point out that he is starting to be massively overhyped by some on here. He does his job simple and quietly, but it's not the hardest job)

Then a mention to Gareth Barry and Brad Friedel who have been solid - although not living up to their full potential

....Of course we are missing Carew...In the same way we are missing Cuellar,Laursen & Bouma.

we have had games where have not looked like scoring i.e Hull, West Ham .... despite the wins.

Gabby has put in great shifts, but it will wear him out eventually.... its simply not sustainable what we are doing.

Jamie Redknapp & Dion Dublin commented on the need for a Carew Return or to sign a similar player to help Gabby.

I understand what you are saying,the results are there to see, but imo i think we are living on borrowed time with Gabby on his own up front.

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....I think this post flys in the face of everything we are trying to do at Villa Park.


We have based our total ethos on team work from the playing staff through to the admin.

would Ashley Young or Gabby be able to put in the artistry without the graft and ugly work of ther players like NRC, Steve Sidwell, Stillian Petrov, etc etc.

I actually think it is easier to put in a shift when the fans are applauding you constantly and when you make a mistake it is quickly forgotten.....As opposed to everything you do gets a scowl or a begrudging well done in a whisper.

Spare a thought for Zat Knight, who has recently been arguably MOTM for the last 2 games on the back of very cutting comments.

Spare a thought for Nigel Reo Coker who is capable of reducing arguably the worlds best player to a cameo role..... Is also capable of winning the ball in midfield in style as he did against Bolton and we scored as a result.

Players who serve the eye candy will inevitably get the plaudits..... but spare a thought for the players that don't and create the platform for them.

...ask Des Bremner whether he thought we thought he played a crucial part in Villa's great success .. he will probably say, not many will think so.


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I'm another one on the m1-bandwagon with Young as the winner for the whole year but Petrov so far this season.

Young has been exceptional for us through this year, with most of the best parts comming in the first half. Petrovs revival this season has been very important to us. I think it's noteable that when he was out injured we lost to Newcastle and Middlesbrough and once he was back again we started to win. IIRC.

A special nomination for Mellberg for putting all his heart into the club in the last season and then leave us before he turned worse. :wink:

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I'm sorry for any big curtis fans out there, but he has been absolutely poor this season and most of last. 10million is a joke, he just hits the ball up the pitch and dosen't tackle that well either, he's not even good for a back-up.

..and its carew for me, the majority of goals that villa score are down to him, he holds it up to enable everyone else to attack. Look what we have been able to do without him when he's injured, 2 own goals in the last 3 games? greattt.

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